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If Rihanna Is Really Dating Usher…

If Rihanna is really dating Usher then get ready for an interesting blogging season. I seriously doubt if these rumors are true, but it certainly makes good water-cooler conversation. All of these rumors have conveniently started after a picture surfaced of Rihanna and Usher at Coachella Music Festival in California.

Did I also mention they were seen flirting and dancing with each other according to fans at Coachella?

Usher requested a table next to Rihanna. She arrived before Usher, with her bodyguards. Then a bit later Usher and his entourage arrived.

Usher and Rihanna were having a dance off. The crowd was going crazy, circling around them and cheering them on, with members of each celeb’s crew jumping in to take a turn.

Usher and Rihanna “mingled” the whole night {Via MTV UK}

Now fast forward a few days later, and rumors are leaking that the two met up in a New York! hotel for a secret rendez-vous. LMBO at these rumors.

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