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I left this Mister Cee story along because quite frankly it’s embarrassing enough just being caught with your pants down and with a tranny; I’m sorry alleged tranny. If you’re hiding under a rock, then you may not know that a popular New York DJ, Calvin “Mister Cee” Lebrun (44), was a arrested for lewd acts  with Lawrence “Brooke-Lynn Pinklady” Campbell (20), in a parked car. Although, Mister Cee denies the allegations, there is a very real police report that details the arrest, along with mugshots of both he and Brooke-Lynn Pinklady.

Well, now Brook-Lynn Pinklady wants to set the record straight by saying that he is not a tranny, but a Drag Queen, who dresses like a woman almost all the time unlike most drag queens. Anyway he tries to deny allegations, but sounds more like he’s confirming them, and blaming them on blogs. Ummmm, the blogs didn’t make a police report with a first hand account by an actual cop, or the mugshots.

Video is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Due To Language

Get the facts according to the police report when you continue reading, and you decide if this story is an “entertainment scheme”…

Deponent states that deponent observed the defendants in parked car at the above location. Deponent further states that deponent observed defendant Campbell manipulating defendant Lebrun’s exposed, naked, and erect penis with Campbell’s mouth and lips in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex. Deponent further states that defendants’ behavior was open to public view.

Brooke-Lynne Pinklady claims the cops motives were for cash. First of all Mister Cee’s story is not worth a dime, he is only famous in New York. You make money off of Lindsay Lohan, not a Mister Cee. Secondly, what cop will go to the trouble of arresting and booking two grown men, just to sale a story about a DJ who is *in Evelyn’s words* a “non-factor”. Bye!

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