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Before They Were Famous: Tyrese Flipped Burgers, Sanaa Lathan Was A Maid

Tyrese Gibson and Sanaa Lathan discuss their humble beginnings with Black Enterprise in a new series of interviews called, Celebrity Hustle. Before they were famous, they held down regular jobs just like everyone else in America. It’s like the saying goes, it’s not where you’re at, but where you’re going.

Tyrese Gibson talks about his first “legal” job where he started on the grill at McDonald’s and worked his way up to the front register where he was robbed (LOL it’s a funny story). Sanaa Lathan use to clean house for a dirty old man at the age of 13 for $30 a week.

Don’t associate your job or the amount of money that you’re being paid at the time to it being you actual value. I’m worth more than what’s in my bank account. {via Tyrese Gibson} *snaps*

Sanna Lathan Talks First Job Before They Were Famous: Tyrese Flipped Burgers, Sanaa Lathan Was A Maid

Tyrese Gibson first job Before They Were Famous: Tyrese Flipped Burgers, Sanaa Lathan Was A Maid

Check out their stories when you continue reading. You are never too good to work at McDonald’s or to mop floors…

Q: What was that first job for you?

Sanaa Lathan: The funny thing is I’m playing a maid right now. I use to…there was an older…my grandmother had an older guy friend who lived in the building with us, and I would go over an clean his apartment when I was 13 years old. So I was kind of like a maid. I would make like…he would give me like $30.

Q: Most people would be like I’m not cleaning anybody’s place:

Sanaa: I was trying to make that cash

Q: What was your first job?

Tyrese Gibson: Talking about my first offical job? Where there was a checkĀ  in the mail? I worked at McDonald’s. That was my first job, my first offical job.When you in the hood you get money hook or crook. You just gotta do what you gtta do. So I couldn’t work officially to get a job until I was 16, the legal age to work, so I worked at McDonald’s, and I love it.

I started off on the grill, and then I went from the grill to the french fries, and then I went from the french fries to the drive through, and from drive through to the front register.

I was very happy, and then…On the first and the fifteenth is county day in the hood, and so there was a robbery on the first. When someone jumped over the counter in Mcdonald’s, shook me up. I ran across the street with my McDonald’s uniform on. Because even back then I was a thinking man and I said to myself, ‘Well after they finish robbing us for the burgers and the money, whatever they’re after, if they end up getting caught they gone take off on feet, and the probably want to hold one of these McDonald’s workers as hostage.’ So I was across the street shirtless. {laughts}

Yeah that’s what happened. That was my first job, and I was proud of it.

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