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Amber Rose Caught Again?

Posted by on Apr 27, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Lies, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Amber Rose is just not having good luck without Kanye West’s right arm. It seems the media has turned on her and she is no longer on A-status. According to Miss Jia, Amber Rose has been caught in yet another web. In a recent press conference and an interview with VIBE, Amber Rose talked about all of the relevant things she’s been doing since breaking up with Kanye West and being dropped by departing Ford Models.  One of those things is filming a reality show, Behind her Shades, for Vh1. But according to Vh1, Amber Rose does NOT have a reality show with the network to the best of their knowledge:

On top of that, Natalie Nunn is still beefing with Amber Rose, calling her broke and a user, amongst other things…All the drama when you continue

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Tika Sumpter In Lingerie For Esquire

Posted by on Apr 27, 2011 in Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity Photos | Comments Off

My favorite beauty of 2011 is Tika Sumpter, and in the latest issue of Esquire magazine we get to see lots more of Tika. I just can’t get enough of this woman. I’m glad she is finally getting the the publicity she deserves.

Tika Sumpter Esquire Magazine Tika Sumpter In Lingerie For Esquire

Tika Sumpter is most famous for her roles in One Life to Live and Gossip Girls, but most of us didn’t take notice until we saw her on BET’s The Game. Check out more pics of Tika in her boy shorts, and find out why she loves them so much…

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Beyonce Moves Her Body For The Kids

Posted by on Apr 27, 2011 in Celebrity Kids, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Videos | 1 comment

I must confessed: I have watched this video at least ten times, before posting it for you. I love it! I’m so glad Beyonce and First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up for the Let’s Move Campaign, fighting childhood obesity.

I know the babies have already learned this dance. Have you? I can’t wait until they start posting their spin-off videos on You Tube.

What gets me the most are Conservatives like Sarah Palin who have tried to destroy this campaign before it even got started. Not knowing what it is, or what it’s about.

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President Obama Releases Birth Certificate – Long Form

Posted by on Apr 27, 2011 in Politics, Rumor Control | 2 comments

President Obama released his long form birth certificate because the Mainstream Media (MSM) has become pretty much tabloid news. In order to compete with blogs, “news” networks have become more sensational and less factual. If I want to read the real news, I no longer watch it on TV.

OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE LONG FORM President Obama Releases Birth Certificate   Long Form

Honestly, I don’t know why President Barack Obama released it now. The President should have played his hand until Donald Trump’s ignorant behind was elected to represent the Republican party. The Republicans have proven that they prefer loud mouths over substance, and any candidate they pick can’t be taken seriously, as long as they are loud.

I believe the real reason President Obama released his long form birth certificate

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