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MrsGrapevine Spice Hot Links: Carol’s Daughter Forgot The Brown Sistas

Posted by on Apr 26, 2011 in Juicy Gossip | 3 comments

Carols Daughter Cassie Selita Ebanks Solange MrsGrapevine Spice Hot Links: Carols Daughter Forgot The Brown Sistas

Many black women were upset when the new spokes models for Carol’s Daughter were revealed, under the caption of diversity. I guess when you hear the word diversity in women of color, you expect to see various types of women that reflect the spectrum of hair and color, not hair-color, but skin color.  I don’t use Carol’s Daughter on my natural hair, so I didn’t think anything of the ad, but when I read the hair struggles these women went through it almost made me laugh. I guess it goes to show, no matter what you look like as a woman, you’re never really happy or totally secure.

Girls With “Good Hair” Talk About Bad Hair Stories [iLuLu Online]

Where Are The Brown Skin Women In Carol’s Daughter Ad [Brown Sista]

LMBO! Warren G Needs Help REGULATING [Straight From The A]

Tika Sumpter Strips Down For Esquire [Entertainment Rundown]

Jay-Z Goes Hard For Wife Beyonce, Literally! Peen! [Twana Tells]

Steph Jones, Jordan Sparks’ Ex,  A Victim Of Leaked Pics [Carlton Jordan]

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So Serena Williams Wants To Be A Rapper

Posted by on Apr 26, 2011 in Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Serena Williams wants to add rapping to her resume. If Kim Kardashian can sing, why can’t Serena Williams rap. According to TMZ, Serena Williams has been laying down a few tracks, and she may be really good at it.

Serena Williams Top Spin Commercial 2K Sports 4 So Serena Williams Wants To Be A Rapper

Get the details, when you continue…

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