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From Thick To Thin: Raven Symone, Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson and Raven Symone once known for their curves, and “confidence” in their size and shape, have both lost a considerable amount of weight, and are now hitting the red carpet with their new shape and size. I feel like every time a woman in Hollywood says she’s happy with her curves, a year later she no longer has them. Why are so many people in Hollywood sold out for skinny?

Raven Symone Perez Hilton Birthday 3 From Thick To Thin: Raven Symone, Jennifer Hudson

[Raven Symone at Perez Hilton Birthday]

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of Jennifer Hudson for losing the weight, but was she really confident with her size when she was a full figured woman, or was she just telling us that? The same with Raven Symone, we all notice the change in the boobies.

Raven Symone Before From Thick To Thin: Raven Symone, Jennifer Hudson

Anyway, it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy, and I hope both of these women are happy and healthy! Skinny doesn’t mean beautiful. The type of beauty these two women have come from deep within. I like them no matter what size they are…

Jennifer Hudson AOL Music 2 From Thick To Thin: Raven Symone, Jennifer Hudson

[Jennifer Hudson at AOL Music Session]

Jennifer Hudson Before From Thick To Thin: Raven Symone, Jennifer Hudson

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  1. Kudos and congrats to both women. I plan applaud them for taking care of themselves and their health. It’s not all about being skinny but healthy. Jennifer has been my inspiration for my 28 1/2 pound weight loss :)

    • @Nasya,

      Congratulations! It’s takes discipline and hard work to do it the right way.

  2. congrats to both women. I think this is the case in general…with more pressure in hollywood because factors that we are all well aware of (these same factors cause some folks to weave blond weaves and such). Additionally, I think alot of women who have a certain amount of weight, once the actually start loosing can get caught up in the whole diet thing. You want to loose weight and you work…and then finally you start seeing results, and more results, and you can buy clothes you haven’t been able to…on and on. This happened to me…I actually had to see a couple of pix and realize that I could stop.
    Recently having a baby…I am trying to loose again and counting on hubby to keep me from getting caught up again…

    • @yusufwife,

      Some people are motivated and when they set their minds to doing something they go all out and sometimes go too far.

      Good thing you have a supportive husband!!!!

  3. OMG I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking about Toccara and how she was so proud of being a plus size model but like Raven & Jen she is just as small with a bobble head(lol) Jordin Sparks as well. We need a women out there who can represent us regular women who r not a size 6, yes you can lose weight to be healthy just don’t lose weight to be accepted.

    • @K, i agree and to be honest i think that they both need to gain a few pounds. I thought Jennifer was at a good healthy weight in the Weight Watchers commercial but then she lost more and more. Toccara lost weight but didnt lose her boobs so therefore i think Jen got a reduction. I talked to a trainer who told me that its hard to get rid of big boobs because I was inquiring about what workouts to do to make mine smaller. I also think that Jen is losing more and more weight to compete with the skinny girls of Hollywood for movie roles.

    • @K,

      I couldn’t have said it any better.

  4. I think at my age and height a size ten is healthy. That is my goal but Jennifer and Raven are in the public eye so maybe they thought they had to be a size 4 or 6. I hope they did it the healthy way and that they are happy because at the end of the day thats all that matters. David (Punk) doesnt care for Jens weightloss and she needs to think about it because if he wanted a skinny woman he would have got one.

    • @sheena, ur right Toccara does still have her huge knockers *lol* I agree with u about Jen 2. She did lose hella weight after that commercial, I know she lost a lot after being on Oprah. I seen a pic of her the other day and her waist look like it was 19”, it was so small I was like whoa. I think she seen how much weight she was losing that she wanted to lose more. And I also hope they lost this weight for themselves & not Hollyweird cuz we will see them either skinner or gaining their weight back.

    • @sheena,

      She has to find a fine balance. She seems to have a good man, so hopefully he would only give her positive advice.

      I agree with him a little. I think Jennifer can stop now.

  5. Both of them got into shape, and exercised self control over their eating. Fat andy curvy are not the same thing. We need to stop hatIngg because it makes us feel some kind of way about ourselves.

  6. Both of them needed to lose the weight. I think Raven had b12 shots or lapband and Jennifer did Weight Watchers.

    Any way I think they both needed a reduction in weight. I just hate the fact that both of them now that they are slimmer because they are not really skinny, skinny, are wearing longer, crazy unbelieveble weave! Yup!

  7. Response to the article:
    There is a diffrence between having curves and being unhealthly ovrweight. Raven and J.Hudson were “fat” women, almost obese (if not already) and that is just unhealthy for the heart, blood, etc..

    Beyonce has curves, Megan Fox is skinny. See the diffrence?

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