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Steve Nash & Wife Both Caught Dipping In The Chocolate?

According to Terez Owens, Steve Nash divorced his wife one day after giving birth. The reason why, because the baby came out black. It seems Steve Nash has been cheating on wife Alejandra with a young black cutie named, Brittany Richardson. While, he was cheating on his wife, it seems Alejandra was also cheating on Steve Nash with a black man. Surprise! I can’t stop laughing at the irony that Steve Nash allegedly had a black baby! Anyway, Alejandra speaks out against the rumors:

While my children certainly cannot read about this today, I have to assume these horrible mistruths may someday be shared and therefore I must vehemently defend and protect my children. Matteo was a planned addition to our family. We were both excited to have a little boy. Steve is a committed and loving father to all three of our children, and we continue to focus on their best interests and on providing them supportive and loving home environments. The decision to separate late last August was in no way related to the children, or Matteo’s paternity, said Alejandra Nash.

I can’t verify the rumors about Alejandra, but I can tell you from first hand eye-witness account that Steve Nash has an affinity for black women, especially those of a light caramel complexion, under the age of 25, while he dates white women in public. Perhaps, I’ve said too much! Oops!

Check out his new girl Brittany Richardson, maybe he will go public with this one…

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