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Everything I said about Rihanna nude pics now apply it to Chris Brown. I would be a hypocrite, to not go in on Chris Brown for this publicity stunt. I don’t understand how peen pics equal album sales, but I guess I just have to wait until the numbers come out. Allegedly Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend leaked new pics of him with dyed hair and an updated tattoo to World Star Uncut. Wouldn’t she be his current girlfriend if she’s still getting updated peen  pics via cell phone?

Sorry #TeamBreezy, I’m not buying it at all, and I am disappointed, again. I guess I am officially old because my Conservative genes are kicking in. Breezy is too talented for this kind of mess.

For the uncensored NSF pics, you have to go to World Star Uncut.

BTW, this is the second time this has happened, so I am not buying that it was an accident. Who would sext nude pics this close to an album coming out? Especially after you’ve already been hacked, and especially after you’re back in good graces.

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