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Shaunie O’Neal in a recent interview with the Breakfast Club Morning Show on Power 105.1, says that Royce Reed is not being replaced on Basketball Wives, and claims that it was just a rumor. Yeah, a rumor that Shaunie O’Neal started. When you start a rumor that’s not true, I think it’s called a lie. I may have to check my dictionary on that one, but I’m pretty sure it’s called a lie. During the interview, she also talks about Shaq and Hoopz new engagement.

Anyway, Shaunie O’Neal was caught in a lie, and the whole Royce Reed V. Shaunie O’Neal drama around NBA All Star Weekend was probably just a publicity stunt, meant for the blogs to take the fall. So the cast of Basketball Wives is making up stories, leaking them to blogs, and denying it ever happened just for ratings. But now I know for a fact Shaunie O’Neal start rumors, then deny them…which means most of the drama on the show is probably fake too. Now, I’m wondering if Evelyn even slept with Tami’s ex…

On Royce being too boring, so she’s getting kicked off?

No No No, that’s not true. That was all rumors. She can’t talk about him, that is very true. Royce has like established her own little fan base.There are people out there that just love Royce, and even when that rumor came out, people were like, “No don’t get rid of Royce.”

Will Royce be back for another season:

Yeah, she will be back

There was a rumor that she banned y’all from the All Star Game..party? Y’all couldn’t come to her party:

Yeah I heard that too. She said that wasn’t true, but you know, I don’t know. But, I don’t think it really was a party .I don’t think there was an event.

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