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Rihanna Does Rolling Stone Cover In Hot Pants

Rihanna covers Rolling Stone magazine in some really short shorts. I’m not exactly sure you can call them shorts, but they certainly fit her just right. I have a feeling people that don’t even read Rolling Stone will be buying this issue.

Rihanna Rolling Stone Cover Rihanna Does Rolling Stone Cover In Hot Pants

There are more pics of Rihanna from inside Rolling Stone inĀ  a denim string bikini when you continue…I’m trying to figure out the science behind them shorts. How do they stay on?

Rihanna Rolling Stone Bikini Shot Rihanna Does Rolling Stone Cover In Hot Pants

[Photo Credit: Toya'z World]

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  1. I know Rhianna is young but she acts more like had a hood rat with the mentality of being young, dumb and full of ****. I just wonder does her mother ever talk to her about her image because she is the oldest of her siblings and it is not a very good look.

  2. Omg, are those painted on! Wow!

  3. Can’t sing but she looks good!

  4. Sick of this no talent having whore. Not sure who annoys me the most, her or the simpletons (aka fans) who support her. And FYI it ain’t hating when you’re stating the obvious.

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