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Media Take Out Calls Amber Rose Fat; Amber Rose Fights Back

Two days ago, some photos surfaced of Amber Rose jogging in some leopard tights. I was  thinking leopard tights are probably not the best print to workout in, but I didn’t think Amber Rose looked fat. Well Media Take Out, thought she appeared fat, and put her on blast. Amber Rose, shot back revealing her weight, and wants to know how is she fat.

[In leopard tights before]

[On X17 Online in leopard tights after]

Check out what her true weight is when you continue, and what’s wrong with being thick in the hips anyway as long as you’re healthy?

The curvaceous model responded to haters on Twitter, writing, “I’m 5’9 148. How am I fat? Man, what have I done so wrong? Be to nice? I just don’t get it.” The tweet has since been removed, and Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend isn’t really one to dwell on negativity, so hopefully that means she’s moved on! But maybe stick to solid colors for her workout wear next time? {Source}

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