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Love & Hip-Hop Ladies In Atlanta: Emily B, Olivaia Longott, Somaya Reece

Now that Basketball Wives, have come to an end, Vh1 has a new show Love & Hip-Hop. What I like most about this show is that it’s called Love & Hip-Hop and not Hip-Hop Wives, because no one on the show is married.

This past weekend, the ladies of Love & Hip-Hop held a special screening of the show in Atlanta, hosted by CIROC at Taboo 2 Bar & Bistro. Check out a few pics from the event.

Love Hip Hop Emily Bustamante Love & Hip Hop Ladies In Atlanta: Emily B, Olivaia Longott, Somaya Reece

More pics of the cast when you continue reading…

Love Hip Hop Singer Olivia Love & Hip Hop Ladies In Atlanta: Emily B, Olivaia Longott, Somaya Reece

Love Hip Hop Rapper Somaya Love & Hip Hop Ladies In Atlanta: Emily B, Olivaia Longott, Somaya Reece

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  1. I will continue to watch as long as it dont get supid. That Chrissy is a mess tho…. what she gone do fight every girl in the world? She came to that boxing event tripping and Jim wasnt even doing anything he was working. Emily is seems too emotionally unstable she cried three times in one episode……… maybe thats why Fab aint marry you yet get a backbone boo boo!

    • @sheena,

      I like Chrissy, she is a mess. That mole is distracting from her beauty, but at least she is real, and not plastic like.

  2. I also dont know about the chick trying to rap she dont sound to hot. In my opinion Olivia dont need to be on the show *You are a non m&ther$$$k))g factor b**@h!* *in my Evelyn voice*

    • @sheena,

      Somaya not really a rapper. *shrugs*

  3. I saw the first episode but I wasn’t impressed, it seems low budget. As for the cast:
    Somaya- never heard of her before but I won’t knock her hustle, she is putting in the work. Everybody deserves a chance to try and make their dreams come true. At times though she looks like a drag queen.
    Olivia- I remember her with G-Unit but nothing else stood out. I don’t remember any of her songs just the hooks she sang on 50′s stuff. It was obvious G-Unit wasn’t a good fit for her since they were all rap and she was R&B so I hope this time she found a better team.
    Chrissy- I guess she is the one that keeps it real. I am glad that she acknowledged that she went into this relationship with Jim with open eyes, she admitted she is taking a risk by putting up with so much. Most women in these type relationships act surprised if it doesn’t work out when they knew what it was from jump.
    Emily- What do you say?? If Fab is private about his then how is airing out all your business on TV gonna help?? Maybe she needed to do something independent of him, I don’t know with that one…
    Mashonda- This child is a one-sided, one-woman show. She is getting the ‘woe is me’ reputation, by the time her book comes out who will care? We have heard and now seen it all, again and again. I hope her new music is dope because nothing else stands out about her either.

    • @koko,

      Emily will be the only reason why I can’t watch the show. I cannot stand her story line. He don’t acknowledge you in public…Wheh?

  4. definitely planning to watch…have to catch everything on on demand…

    • @yusufwife,

      I’ve only seen one episode

  5. From a man’s point of view. Jim’s woman is about to get the chopping block. The rapper looks too old to be rapping. Olivia was never that talented in the giddy-up and Fb’s BM looks like a groupie who knew what this was and is now trying to play family. Side note these shows aren’t good for ours or ANY community. The ignorance, violence, immaturity, lack of morals-scruples is not a good look. Keep in mind this is what kids are watching and the results are on Worldstar hip hop. Ignorant Black on Black fights and whores.

  6. Another side note if u have little ones get out of the hood asap! If you can’t buy then rent. But get out. If not the babies will suffer your consequences.

  7. Girls you are doing your ring why are people so scared of realness its like we fear the raw that’s why we are lost because we want and facade not reality don’t hate on the ladies because you cant get with them you need to crown our queens your girl Ron

  8. Why do us as beautiful black women always look for a flaw in others off the top .I see now that people who always point out a persons human error has to because they feel horrible in their own skin lol if your not motivating,congratulating cut it out .Because that’s how you point out haters because they just want let you do you lol stop the madness RONC cornbreadfed

  9. Emilys hott!!

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