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Discussion: Do You Believe In Spanking Children?

Last night’s episode of The Game, Brit Brat the daughter of Kelly and Jason Pitts is getting into a lot of trouble with skipping school, wearing skimpy clothes, and stealing “medicinal marijuana” from Tasha Mack. In one scene Tasha gets a switch to spank Brit Brat. When Jason Pitts finds out, he’s very upset, and says he doesn’t spank his child. Which prompted me to ask: Would you spank your child?

The Game Tasha Spanking Switch 2 Discussion: Do You Believe In Spanking Children?

The Game Tasha Spanking Switch Discussion: Do You Believe In Spanking Children?

If you did not see last night’s episode, you can watch it when you continue. It’s actually a good one. Jason Pitts steps up as a father in the end, when he realizes the new Brit Brat is spinning out of control…

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  1. Being from that generation where as bill cosby told theo “I brought u into this world I can take u out” I would beat the brakes off her a## and have her bags packed if someone called DFACS

    • @,

      LOL, you sound like my mother. All that back talking would have gotten a back hand.

  2. people still watch that train wreck of a show? it like everything else BET touches turned to ish.

    • @Dee, Yes!!! and my reasons for not watching ever again are listed below. I mean how you gone co sign on making black people look stupid and ignorant on a so called black network!? Answer that question for me huh DEBRA LEE!

      • @sheena, I agree. Tried to watch it to support but couldn’t do it. So sorry. All it is is a bunch of bitter, mean, back-stabbing Black women and a token white surpassing stereotypes. And in the real world Derwin would have never left that fine sexy chocolate mother of his son with $ and a successful business for a goofy college drop out bird in debt.

      • @Dee,

        In real life, yes he would have, we see it everyday.

  3. She deserved a spanking she is too out of control! She too fresh and she got a flip lip last time I checked the old brittany wasnt that fresh and she was like 7 or 8 so if two yrs went past she should be 9 or 10 not 13. Anyway I am soo done with The Game it got tooo Ghetto for me. Does it have to be like that just because its on BET how stereotypicl is that? Main reasons Im done: Tasha rocking a doo rag and patting her weave, Tasha tells Brittany to get her Bible next to the Henessey and the Dominos, Tashas bag of weed and Brittanys smart azz mouth. SMDH Buffonary at its finest

    • @sheena,

      When you list them, it does sound like nothing but stereotypes. LMBO! Doo-rag, weave, weed, Hennessey, bible, and dominoes.

      But, Tasha has always been the “ghetto” one.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, She was always loud and ghetto but now she taking it to a whole new level!

  4. Idk bout spanking but bet need to be spanked for that wack ass epsioded they brought the show back and made it worse den wat it was smh black star power my ass

    • @Dwbi,

      I think there is a consensus, that the show is not so great this year.

  5. Oh My! Is the show really that bad, now? I thought it was getting a little bit better.

  6. I totally agree with spanking to an extent of course, like it can’t be spanking so severe that the child needs medical attention. Just with the hand on the butt or arm that will cause the child to feel that there are consequences for wrongful actions. And this I think will be more effective in shaping a positive shape of the child’s view of the world, rather than just speaking all the time.

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