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Dwayne Wade Wins Custody Of Kids; Siovaughn Devastated

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sports | 22 comments

This is sad news, yet people are celebrating like it’s a victory. Dwayne Wade was awarded sole custody of his children. His wife, Siovaughn, who has been there for the boys before the divorce, is devastated and heart broken by the news. Not sure how you can win in a case like this when both parents want their children in their lives. If one parent wins, then the children lose. I’m glad Dwayne Wade fought for custody of his children, but I’m sad that Siovaughn had to lose the battle, and I’m even more sad that they couldn’t work it out.

Dwayne Wade Sons Dwayne Wade Wins Custody Of Kids; Siovaughn Devastated

According to 24 Hour Hip Hop, Dwayne Wade received a standing ovation when he informed teammates of his legal win. Get the details when you continue, plus here from Siovaughn’s lawyer…

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