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Queen Latifah Poses As Disney’s Ursula For O Magazine

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity Photos | Comments Off

I have not seen these pics all over the internet, and thanks to Entertainment Rundown,  I can share them with you. My favorite Disney cartoons are The Littler Mermaid and The Lion King , so I’m probably more excited than most about Queen Latifah posing as Ursula for the Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait Series that will appear in O Magazine.

Queen Latifah As Ursula Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Queen Latifah Poses As Disneys Ursula For O Magazine

Check out the amazing behind the scenes shots when you continue:

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Ohio School Tries To Make Black Kid Re-Inact Slavery Auction Block

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in Celebrity News, Politics | 1 comment

Chapelfield Elementary in Gahanna, OH issued an apology today after a black boy in the fifth grade was sent to his seat for refusing to play the role of a slave on an auction block. According to ten year-old Nikko Burton, the class was randomly divided into slaves and masters. Nikko, one of two black kids in the whole class was picked to play the role of a slave. When it came time for the simulated slave auction, ten year-old Nikko REFUSED to participate and was sent to his desk.

At first, I didn’t care. But after people were bidding on people, it kind of made me a little mad and stuff.”

Mother, Aneka Burton, was obviously upset after hearing the news, and was baffled by the teacher’s insensitivity. In response Principal Scott Schmidt issued an apology on behalf of the school.

Slave auction Ohio School Tries To Make Black Kid Re Inact Slavery Auction Block

I am so PROUD of Nikko for standing up for himself! I get what the teacher  was trying to do, but honestly, folks cannot be that insensitive to think it’s appropriate to have children kowtow and act like slaves and compete to be sold at the highest price, and especially a black child. Read the details when you continue…SMH!

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Meet Zach Jafarzadeh: The Ex Who Sold Bobbi Kristina’s Pics To National Enquirer

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News, Celebrity Twitter, MrsGrapevine Alexa Ranking | 4 comments

Zach Jafarzadeh Bobbi Kristina 2 Meet Zach Jafarzadeh: The Ex Who Sold Bobbi Kristinas Pics To National EnquirerMeet Zach Jafarzadeh, the guy who needed a quick buck and reportedly sold old pics of Bobbi Kristina to the National Enquirer. He is an art student at Georgia Perimeter College and a wanna be rapper. Allegedly he’s the guy behind all the negative publicity surrounding Bobbi Kristina and recent photos of her doing lines in the National Enquirer.

Anyway, a friend of Bobbi Kristina confronted Zach via text and posted the screen shots on twitter:

Bobbi Kristina Friend Outs Zach Meet Zach Jafarzadeh: The Ex Who Sold Bobbi Kristinas Pics To National Enquirer

Zach’s response to the text is below and he takes a swipe at Bobbi Kristina’s family:

pimp, i don’t know you and i your trying to be a good friend but you don’t know anything about this ish, so stay out of it. that family knows nothing of “god”.

This is about to get ugly. I feel a tell-all Houston/Brown family secrets tabloid deal in Zach’s future. Check out the tweet that outed Zach as the source behind the tabloid fodder when you continue…

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Mariah Carey Surpised Da Brat While In Jail

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Interviews, MrsGrapevine Alexa Ranking | Comments Off

Da Brat in first interview with VIBE since her release from jail, describes Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon as “real friends”. When asked who was the most surprising visit, Da Brat exclaimed:

Mariah and Nick surprised me! I saw someone from their crew and said ‘Oh ish!’ I would’ve never thought that she would’ve came, she’s so girly! But that’s what real friends do.

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Twins Mariah Carey Surpised Da Brat While In Jail

Da Brat also reveals how she learned Mariah Carey was pregnant with twins, and how Mariah Carey confided in her about the first miscarriage. Da Brat also talks about why Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are made for each other.

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