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Meet Damaris Lewis: Black Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Move over Jessica White, there is another sister burning up the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Meet Damaris Lewis, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model who is finally creating quite a buzz. The 20-year old model is from Brooklyn, NY and was discovered at the age of 15. She has been featured in the past two issues of SI Swimsuit, but this is the first year that her name is being mentioned as a possible cover girl. When I was in high school we could not wait for this SI issue to come out. I think more young girls buy this issue than adult men (sadly).

Model Damaris Lewis Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 3 Meet Damaris Lewis: Black Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Check out more pics of model DamarisĀ  Lewis from this year’s SI Swimsuit

If you can’t get enough Sports Illustrated has a video plus 30 or so pics of Damaris Lewis.

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  1. Ok, then!

    • @anonymousnupe,

      There is a pattern here. Mrs G post pics of beautiful brownie…Anon Nupe appears.

  2. Shes blah and im not feeling thoes eyebrows either. Jessica is waaaay better…

    • @Caramel_Mimi,

      You must be a bad chick, if you think Damaris Lewis is blah. She is a beautiful brownie.

  3. Also note that he typically chimes in when the subject is somebody or something new. What can I say at this point about Beyonce, Minaj, Ursher, etc., etc? She (Lewis) is awight. I just hope she’s kind.

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