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Lil Wayne Searched By Feds In Miami

Lil Wayne was harassed by the feds after a recent trip. Upon arriving at the Opa-Loca Airport in Miami, Lil Wayne was randomly pulled aside and searched by feds. Other than being Lil Wayne, a known felon on probation, there didn’t seem to be any logical reason for performing a surprise search.

lilwayne arrest Lil Wayne Searched By Feds In Miami

Get the details when you continue, and find out what federal agents discovered…

Lil Wayne was stopped and searched by federal agents in Miami recently after getting off his flight.Well according to law enforcement, the Young Money rapper was stopped and subsequently searched by multiple agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency. But, luckily, Lil Wayne was clean as a whistle and no drugs – or weapons – were found. {Source}

It’s like they were expecting to find something. If I was Lil Wayne, I would stay clean and watch my “friends” closely.

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