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In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Kim Kardashian recreates a Cleopatra themed photo shoot, originally shot by Elizabeth Taylor. Kim Kardashian plays homage to Elizabeth Taylor, not her acting obviously, but Kim does channel Taylor’s beauty.

In this issue, Kim Kardashian talks about her relationship with Kanye West and why she decided to try singing…Check out the excerpt, plus beautiful pics of Kim Kardashian as Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra…

She recently filmed her first music video with Kanye West. “I can carry a tune, yeah. I have a cute little voice. I talked to people in the business, and they said, ‘This is what we do for fun. You go to the movies, you go shopping, why don’t you try what we do?’” And with no less than West as a collaborator, Kim might yet be a hit. Has Kanye ever come courting? “We are good friends.”

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