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Fantasia Is Not Pregnant; Explains Weight Gain

Fantasia Barrino is indeed gaining weight, but not because she’s pregnant, but because she’s been cast for a movie. Fantasia Barrino is reportedly playing Mahalia Jackson in a new movie role, and was asked to gain 45 pounds.

Check out the details from Los Angeles Times. Antwun Cook has nothing to do with the weight gain.

Fantasia Barrino’s recent weight gain fueled online rumors that the R&B singer was expecting a child, but her manager gave another explanation.

“Fantasia’s pregnant with prosperity,” manager Brian Dickens told CNN on Tuesday.

The 2004 “American Idol” winner is gaining weight in preparation for a movie role, Dickens said.

Barrino, who has been signed to play legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, must gain 45 pounds by the time filming starts in May

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