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Drama: Team Royce Responds Via Twitter To Shaunie O’Neal Drama

I guess it’s a slow news week, because two days ago I wrote an exclusive story about finding out that there is real drama behind the scenes on Basketball Wives, and it’s spilling over into All Star Weekend.  From an e-mail I found out that Royce Reed has a problem with fellow cast mates, and black-listed them from attending a party she’s hosting.  During the e-mail I discovered that one of the names on that list was Shaunie O’Neal. Which made me wonder what happened in Spain that lead to such a move, or what is happening behind the scenes like at the reunion?

For the record I never stated that Shaunie O’Neal wanted to attend the party in first place, but other cast mates did however, and that’s when the blacklisted names were revealed.  I just had another blogger try to fact check me who shall remain nameless and I find it funny, considering I have the e-mail as proof, and I’ve never done anything to her. Oh Well! Back to the drama…

Anyway, when I found out Shaunie’s name was on the list, I had to share it. I just thought reality TV wasn’t that real, but as you see today the drama is so real, and spills over onto the blogs. Anyway the next day Media Take Out has a story talking about the “real” drama behind Royce and Shaunie is over a Shaunie’s new man, and today a Necole Bitchie “staff member allegedly” asks Shaunie for her comment on the matter. Then more drama breaks out, as Shaunie reveals Royce Reed is not relevant:

I’m still shocked that she would be hosting an All Star event. I mean I guess I understand with the show and all, that’s her relevance to the NBA but other than that, I guess I’m a little surprised that she was even asked to host something.

Now, I don’t know why you would give more than one word to a person that’s not relevant, but so be it. Then Shuanie O’Neal goes on to reveal that Royce Reed is so irrelevant to show that she is “allegedly” being replaced: (Ouch!)

Royce is one of the girls that no one really hangs out with. I didn’t even know she was still here (in Los Angeles).

“Listen, I’m going to be honest with you, at the end of the day this is about business. And Royce knows that the Producers and I have really been talking about her future with the show. I mean when we first started, we all knew about Royce’s issues with (her sons father, Orlando Magic superstar Dwight Howard), and not being able to talk about it and who she’s attached to. But it’s getting harder and harder to tie her in, especially since she’s not even anyone’s friend. So from a production standpoint, we’re shopping for her replacement. She knows this, so this all feels like drama she’s creating to find a way for us to say yes, you can come back.”

Here is the kicker, Shaunie O’Neal then tries to take the high road and says she doesn’t have any ill feelings for Royce Reed. Shaunie O’neal just spent three or four paragraphs on an issue and a person that’s not relevant, thus more than verifying my story, and proving there is some real drama behind the scenes.

But don’t worry, Royce Reed was on twitter to respond, and notice the only thing she attacked was Shaunie’s statement that Royce was not relevant:

Last but not least Royce Reed did not leak the story to MrsGrapevine.com, so this wasn’t her attempt at getting publicity. But guess what? Now there is plenty of publicity surrounding the reunion show. Who knows maybe Gloria will tell her side, after we here Shaunie’s?

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