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Chris Brown Sulking Over Grammy Loss Or Telling The Truth?

I am a Chris Brown fan, so I do not know how to take his tweet regarding three losses last night at the Grammy Awards. Was he upset that many great artists lost their category, or was he upset that he lost to Usher, Sade, and Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys? Surely he can’t be upset that he lost to Sade. So that leaves Usher and Jay-Z?

Chris Brown Tweets About Grammy Loss Chris Brown Sulking Over Grammy Loss Or Telling The Truth?

Surely he’s not suggesting than one of the above winners took home the prize because they were brown nosing, right?

I hope the tweet just came out wrong, but it sounds like he’s sulking and that’s certainly not a good look. If he’d lost to Eminem and Rihanna, that I would understand, but Sade, Jay-Z, and Usher are talents to reckon with. The fact that Graffiti was nominated is surprising to me. The fact that his talent was recognized and not shunned, is a win within itself.

Maybe there is more to the story here. Maybe he’s upset at something else, perhaps the real  reason why he didn’t attend in the first place, instead of that bogus “conflict in schedule” statement his rep released.

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  1. Or maybe he’s just a childish, immature fool.

    I’m SOOOOOOO sick of people making excuses for him. Like, everything he does ppl feel the need to excuse him from it. That’s exactly why he’ll never change. He’s aided and constantly babied by people. MAINLY the black community. Yes, Im black so I can say that.

    He’s talented, and cute but his attitude is THEE worst. Stop crying, they JUST let yo black ass in good graces & you’re bitch about not winning a GRAMMY already?

    Trey Songz aint win shit, hell, wasnt even nominated. His ass aint bitchin. Ugh!

    • @milo,

      I do think Trey Songz was snubbed because he stayed on the charts with a hit.

      I don’t think people make excuses for him. I don’t think he needs to be excused for everything he does. I feel he has been unfairly treated compared to adults in the business who do the same thing, but he did do it, so he has to deal with consequences.

      I believe a leopard will show their true spots over time, without people reading and digging into things. I imagine he has to toot his own horn because there are people that have really tried to end his career. If singing and dancing is his passion, then he’s not going to just go away, and lie down.

      When he is wrong, I will say he’s wrong, and this tweet was disappointing to me.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, and why was this tweet disappointing to you. He addressed his fans properly and assured them that we’re all he’s worried about. That makes me happy because I know he’s still being treated unfairly but in the end all that matters is that we keep supporting him. But blogs sites wanna get all upset when a celeb uses profanity—EVERYBODY DOES IT! Pls stop making it seem like he has no right to feel upset at how he’s learning the industry is. And he has the right to free speech and express himself accordingly..he didn’t call anyone out…or even disrespect anybody so stop acting so surprised when you see that he’s only human.

      • @Jersey,

        I did not say anything about profanity and the fact that everybody does it is never a good argument for anything. I have defended and supported Chris Brown through almost everything, and have gone to bat for him. But, a pattern is emerging and I don’t like where it’s going!

        Secondly, I didn’t make it seem like he has no right to feel upset. I have defended him several times, but at some point he has to get his emotions in check. Did you even read the post or just start commenting?

        If he’s not going to tell the whole story then why whine about a piece of it. I didn’t like when Kanye West did it, and I certainly didn’t like it when The Dream did it, and I didn’t like when Fantasia did it.

        When they are nominated, they shout it to the world and they happy to be apart of The Grammy Awards, and when they lose the category they sulk as if they were the only one deserving. It’s a voting system, which means popularity matter. It is so high school, but when you don’t when Homecoming Queen, you don’t need to huff and puff about it either.

        Chris Brown did not make the tweet to the day of The Grammy awards, he had plenty time before then to express his concern. To do it when everyone else is there and winning, makes him look envious!

    • @milo, Of course Trey Songz isn’t complaining because he is no where near as talented as Chris Brown is. And how does black ppl coddle him when they continually keep bringing up his past. How do you expect him to grow…and y’all act like he’s 40 yrs old or something…he’s 21 get over it!

  2. i thought he was sulking with this tweet because he wasnt there. he obviously was trying to get it there by working on the restraining order and getting that lifted. that was my thought. i hope he aint trippin about losing to them because altho i am a breezy fan, he hasnt been OUT there like he needs to be. anyway, my opinion…movin on…

    • @Tara,

      He didn’t need his restraining order lifted to attend the Grammy awards. The original order allowed them to attend work related events at the same time.

      I don’t know what’s going on. Perhaps he wanted to perform, or perhaps after he found out Rihanna was doing Love The Way You Lie, he just didn’t want to be in the audience with a camera in face waiting for a reaction.

      This tweet was disappointing for whatever reason.

  3. OMG he’s not freaking sulking. He wrote that post before the Grammy’s even aired! The Grammy’s are crap anyway..it’s a freakin mainstream political show that caters to the pop audience. How in the hell are you gonna have damn country singers tributing Teddy Pendergrass. No he didn’t need to be there, they don’t recognize his talent not care about him so he was absolutely right to not go if he had other plans. The Grammy’s ain’t shit (excuse my french) anymore anyway.

    • matter of fact he might even have been the actual winner of the grammy..and they hurried up and gave it to another artist last min cuz Chris wasn’t there haha

    • @Jersey,

      “they don’t recognize his talent not care about him ”

      Ummmm, they nominated Chris Brown for not one, but three categories. Rihanna was only nominated because of Eminem, if it wasn’t for Eminem, Rihanna would have zero.

      The fact that they recognized Chris and didn’t snub him in the first place disproves your point altogether.

      If they didn’t care and didn’t see any talent in him, they wouldn’t have even put his name on the ballot not once but three times.

      After that it’s to academy to vote, and not the people. His peers felt someone else deserved it for whatever reasons. To lose to Sade and Jay-Z, I think is honorable.

      The Usher one, I may question, but Usher had a solid album.

      Grammys are not run like the American Music Awards. The AAM has a no show policy, if you can’t show up to get you award then it will go to someone else. Lady GaGa also lost hers, so again it’s not something personal against Chris Brown.

      • @MrsGrapevine, Just because he was nominated doesn’t mean anything..it’s just a way to make it seem like they care. NO they don’t care about him cuz if they did they would’ve given him what he deserved back in 07 when he did the tribute to James Brown and they freakin gave the best new artist to Carrie Underwood that’s some shit…all I’m saying is that the Grammy’s ain’t shit at the end of the day…they’re racist and political and Idc what anyone says and of course it’s not “personal” BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE!

      • @,

        To be nominated means a lot, that’s why Breezy was happy to tweet it when the list came out. So being nominated meant something to him. He will always be known as Grammy Winner or Grammy Nominated Artist.

        People who have won or been nominated in the past get to vote. So yeah a lot of white people vote, but your racist argument doesn’t make sense because Justin Bieber didn’t win, he lost to Esperanza Spadling a black woman, jazz artist. That tell me not everything is political, some voters had sense.

        This year the voters rejected most Pop music and settled for independent labels. I’m sorry but Sade deserved the win, and so did Jay-Z.

      • @MrsGrapevine, Also I dnt care what ANYBODY says..Eminem did not have the best album of the year. I wanna know who the people are that chooses the winners..I bet you its all white folks..and Eminem’s kind of rap is all that they’ve been exposed to! SMH I betchu they’ll give it to him at the MTV awards, too..that’s really why I don’t have respect for theGrammy’s..it’s just way too political for me now.

      • @Jersey,

        Eminem even won best rap Album of the Year on BET Awards. So please racism has nothing to do it. Eminem album is pretty dope. Just cause you don’t like it, don’t mean he’s not worthy.

  4. Well I have to say some people cannot be reasoned with. Even if Breezy wrote this prior to the grammies does it really make it okay? The dude was nominated isn’t that an honor enough. People are so unappreciative it is amazing. The fact that Breezy was nominated is a statement enough from the grammy academy in accepting this young man back and moving on from the whole Rihana incident, but instead he huffs and puffs about it. I just hope for his sake that his post had nothing to do with the grammies, grammy nomination or being snubbed to perform. Just sad, even sadder that people would condone such behaviour.

    • @Ahem, Yes it does make it okay, he has a right to express his feelings just as any other individual does. And hell no just being nominated isn’t enough. So just because you made it to the championship does that mean that you shouldn’t try your hardest to take home first place? WTH Y’all are so content with being comfortable and mediocre. How is it unappreciative to be upset about losing.And you could be right…maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the grammys because he has said over and over again how much the industry is whack which is true. And I still don’t understand what’s wrong with “condoning such behavior” you act like he beat somebody up or something

      • @Your Excused,

        1)He has right to express his feelings, and he has a right to the criticism he gets afterward. You would think after all the twitter mishaps he would have learned that lesson by now.

        2) How is sending that tweet him trying his hardest to take home the first place. It doesn’t at all! Nothing about that tweet helped him because the votes were already in.

        3)Get out here with the “why are y’all so content with mediocre”. There is nothing mediocre about Jay-z or Sade, who both won!!!

        4)It’s not unappreciative to be upset about losing, it’s foul to suggest that the others who won were somehow less talent or brown-nosing. Sade and never begged for an award in her life. She could care less and she still won!

        5)That last line must be sarcasm, so I’m not even going to touch it. All this stem from him actually doing that.

      • @Your Excused, well Msgrapevine pretty much summed it up. There’s a difference between being upset about losing and simply being a sore loser. It is not about accepting mediocrity at all, it is about picking yourself up with dignity and getting on with it. I bet you if anyone else threw a hissy fit from Chris Brown winning; you would be on the other side of this conversation. Like miss grapevine said you can be upset about losing, but downplaying everyone else is just unacceptable!! If you think this is okay behaviour then fine. I guess we are all entitled to our opinions and we can agree to disagree. Imagine if Beiber took to twitter and said something about Esperanza, bet you would be singing a different tune…. I’m just sayin

  5. A lot of people are cheated on these award shows so they should be use to it. I do think Monica was cheated, everyone knows “Everything to Me” was far better than “Bittersweet.”

    • @Renae,

      Monica she have won, IMO, but it’s not like Fantasia isn’t just a talent. We are talking about preferences and everybody has one.

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