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Akward Silence: A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Sometimes silence is loud…

Jay Z Rihanna Beyonce All Star Game Akward Silence: A Picture Says A Thousand Words

[Photo Credit: Disney Dreaming]

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  1. Wait a dern minute! I know that damn pose. Rihanna and Jay-Z have something going on or at least they did and Beyonce being there is so awkward for her because she is the side piece. On NB, there was a picture of Drake kissing Ri on the cheek, and she was all blushing like STOP…at least for when Jay was there.

    Jay-Z is not going to leave Bey for Ri but I know there are some feelings there.

    Just my conspiracy theory… I might be totally off from what you were trying to convey MrsGrapevine. LOL


    Jay-Z: Ugh, this dumb sideline.
    Beyonce: I really want to slap Ronald McDonald!
    Thick Chick: Lemme scoot out before Bey goes off!
    Rihanna: *sigh* I wish I was Beyonce… *sigh*

    LMBO! Because my baby loves him: TeamBeiber!

  3. People keep saying that they are not breaking up or having problems because we see them together but that means nothing in the celebrity world when get paid for everything and nothing there whole world is surrounded by publicity.

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