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Drama: Team Royce Responds Via Twitter To Shaunie O’Neal Drama

Posted by on Feb 19, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News, Celebrity Twitter, TV Shows | 13 comments

I guess it’s a slow news week, because two days ago I wrote an exclusive story about finding out that there is real drama behind the scenes on Basketball Wives, and it’s spilling over into All Star Weekend.  From an e-mail I found out that Royce Reed has a problem with fellow cast mates, and black-listed them from attending a party she’s hosting.  During the e-mail I discovered that one of the names on that list was Shaunie O’Neal. Which made me wonder what happened in Spain that lead to such a move, or what is happening behind the scenes like at the reunion?

Vh1 Basketball Wives Drama: Team Royce Responds Via Twitter To Shaunie ONeal Drama

For the record I never stated that Shaunie O’Neal wanted to attend the party in first place, but other cast mates did however, and that’s when the blacklisted names were revealed.  I just had another blogger try to fact check me who shall remain nameless and I find it funny, considering I have the e-mail as proof, and I’ve never done anything to her. Oh Well! Back to the drama…

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Celebrity Blogging Is A Dog Eat Dog World…My Blogging Advice

Posted by on Feb 19, 2011 in Celebrity Blog, MrsGrapevine | 2 comments

Rule number one is that you don’t have any friends in celebrity blogging! In order to out shine the next blog, people will damn near sell their souls. An extra page-view is another dollar. I receive  e-mails asking me for advise on becoming a celebrity blogger, and I finally have my answer. Keep to yourself as much as possible, avoid cliques, and remember not to take anything personal, and if you steal a story link a story.

essence black women Celebrity Blogging Is A Dog Eat Dog World...My Blogging Advice

Rule number two, ALL bloggers steal or have stolen photos or story angles, and if they tell you otherwise they are lying like Fox News! Just because they are “legit” now, doesn’t mean they were always “legit”. If something works well for you, someone else will take it and try to make it better for them. It’s like Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim, except you have to decide if you’re going to evolve like Nicki or breakdown on social media like Lil Kim. Point is people steal and try to out do you, take it as a challenge and find away to use it to your advantage.

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