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MrsGrapevine.com Is On Facebook

Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in MrsGrapevine | Comments Off

MrsGrapevine.com now has a fan page on Facebook where you can stay connected, especially when you’re at work. I know I am slow, but hey, this girl has been very busy. MrsGrapevine.com has been working on a new site which will be revealed this Spring. I’m so excited! I promise some cool new features to keep you entertained, and more face to face interaction.

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Steve Harvey Wins; Mary Harvey Lies

Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News | 18 comments

Mary Harvey had a chance to voice her opinion after all these years via Youtube, and according to a Texas state court in McKinney, her opinions are full of lies. I didn’t understand why Mary Harvey wasn’t allowed access to the media about her relationship with Steve Harvey. Now, I know why!

It wasn’t that Steve Harvey wanted to keep her silent, it was that Mary Harvey was just telling blatant lies to hurt Steve and his family for whatever reasons. Reasons still unknown other than just complete envy and jealousy. The cheating rumors weren’t really addressed, but Steve Harvey did not leave her broke or homeless. In fact, Mary was sitting real pretty with three houses and $40,000 a month until she messed up and sent her son away.

Mary Harvey Steve Harvey Wins; Mary Harvey Lies

I do think Mary should have access to the media, but not to tell lies. In this case Steve Harvey was wronged. Hear what Steve Harvey lawyer had to say about the matter, and in the future, just handle it in the court and not on the airways.

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Keisha Knight-Pulliam Talks Natural Hair & Curls

Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in Celebrity Hair, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 9 comments

When I think of nice hair on the red carpet, I generally think of Keisha Knight-Pulliam. Keisha’s hair always has a nice shine, and it looks thick and healthy. Imagine my surprise when I found out today, that Keisha does not use any chemicals in her hair. We all remember Rudy Huxtable with the big thick blown-out fro on The Cosby Show, and I assumed she later used chemicals to straighten her hair. Well, she straightens her hair with a flat iron, and when the cameras are not rolling she rocks the kinky curly look.

Keisha Knight Pulliam Natural Hair Keisha Knight Pulliam Talks Natural Hair & Curls

Keisha Knight-Pulliam discussed her hair routine with Curly Nikki, and I thought I would share some excerpts with you. BTW, my hair is natural. Is your hair natural? Have you thought about going natural? Did you do the big chop or transitioned out?

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CONFIRMED: Tisha Campbell Martin Has Stage 2 Sarcoidosis – Genetic Lung Disease

Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News | 3 comments

In an interview in the January issue of Essence magazine, Tisha Campbell Martin admitted that she has a genetic lung disease known as Sarcoidosis. Currently, Martin is battling stage two sarcoidosis, in hopes of driving the disease into remission. The Martin family has a lot on their plate with a new baby (Ezekiel) and a nine year old son (Xen) battling autism. So it helps when the community encourages and keeps the Martin family in their prayers.

Black Celebrity Kids was the first to post the story over a month ago, and I just want to share the interview with you:

Tisha Martin Cambell Sarcoidosis CONFIRMED: Tisha Campbell Martin Has Stage 2 Sarcoidosis   Genetic Lung Disease

On her current health:

[Being in good] health is really important to me. Right now, I’m [battling] a genetic lung disorder called sarcoidosis, which can go into remission. I’m in Stage II and I’m trying to reverse it. I’ve only got one body and I really want to take care of it by working out and eating right.

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Amber Rose Leaked Pics Hit The Internet

Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in Celebrity NSFW, Celebrity Photos, VIP NSFW | 5 comments

Amber Rose is caught up in scandal as nude pictures are leaked. Wait! Can a stripper, I mean ex-stripper, really be in a nude scandal? Aren’t there plenty of nude pictures of Amber Rose out there already? But anyway, back to the topic. Nude pics have been leaked of the “model” formerly known as Kanye West’s girlfriend, and World Star Hip Hop promises to leak more tomorrow.

amber rose complex magazine4 Amber Rose Leaked Pics Hit The Internet

Have things gotten that bad for the star, or is someone out to get her? Sorry I am not posting them. Every week for the past six weeks of the year 201, someone has leaked photos. This trend is wearing me out. But, I can tell you World Star has the exclusive, if you’re nosy…

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