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Discussion: Asian Men Don’t Like Black Women Because Black Women Are Not Good Women

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in Crackheads | 27 comments

I usually don’t post things like this. I just usually roll my eyes and keep it moving. But, Miss Jia just tweeted a post called, Black American Women Are Desperate, and after reading the post, it really struck a nerve. Basically, this woman of Ethiopian descent is telling us why black women can’t date outside their race. You will be shocked by her answer.

1. Majority of black women are not good women, are not eligible women, they don’t speak proper English and they are loud
2. Men outside the black race are not attracted to black women because they are desperate
3. Most people who are not black have a bad perception of black Americans
4. Majority of black women were raised in single parent homes and live in poor communities that are just violent
5. Black women are the most dangerous type of women to date because they only marry outside of their race for money
6. Most black women don’t have a sense of culture and cling to other races for validation, they want to be Asian or White
7. No one aspire to be like black Americans, NO ONE!

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Anderson Cooper Punched In The Head 10 Times

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in Juicy Bites, Politics | Comments Off

Anderson Cooper Anderson Cooper Punched In The Head 10 TimesAnderson Cooper of CNN and crew were attacked by a mob while covering the crisis in Egypt.  A Mubarak friendly mob didn’t appreciate Cooper’s presence and decided to attack him and his camera crew.

A colleague, CNN’s Steve Brusk, tweeted that Cooper was “punched 10 times in the head” by a “pro-Mubarak mob.”

Cooper, 43, said he and his production crew, reporting from Cairo, were set upon by demonstrators loyal to embattled president Hosni Mubarak. “The attackers pushed and shoved the CNN crew and punched them in the head, he said, but no one was seriously hurt.”

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Source Claims Gabriel Aubry Called Halle Berry The N-Word

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | 12 comments

I have a hard time believing Gabriel Aubry is this evil unfit father, considering the fact that he was with Halle Berry for nearly five years. Now all of sudden when it comes down to custody, he’s an evil racist. Wouldn’t she have known he was a racist, let’s say 4 years ago before they even had Nahla? Maybe he just became one…IDK *shrugs*

It all just sounds suspect that it’s being released to the media now. No one was talking at first, now everyone is talking anonymously, of course.

halle gabriel aubry baby nahla spotted 3 Source Claims Gabriel Aubry Called Halle Berry The N Word

They both have text messages claiming the other is mean and abusive, but any text message can be taken out of context when you’re fighting. I am sure at this point they are both mean and abusive because the love is gone. Anyway get the new details according to People

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