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OMG! Video Model “Draya Michele” Arrested For Child Abuse

See the UPDATE below that confirms this story as true!!!

Draya Chris Brown Model 233x300 OMG! Video Model Draya Michele Arrested For Child AbuseVideo Vixen by the name of Draya Michele, linked to both Chris Brown and Trey Songz, was arrested for child endangerment and neglect. Andraya M. Howard, 25,  is a video “model” who moonlights as an exotic dancer. She is also  the mother of a seven year old boy, who called cops after his mother wouldn’t answer her phone while tanning, because he was scared of being left home along constantly. To top it off, cops arrived to filthy apartment:

The apartment looked like it had been ransacked, with women’s undergarments scattered throughout the living room. A small dog was in a cage, and dog feces and dog urine were in several places in the apartment.

This is probably one of the saddest stories,  I’ve reported on in a minute. There are more details when you continue, including how the young boy heats his own microwave dinners, and spends his nights alone while his mother is “working”.

The boy told police that he would get off the bus most days and wait for someone to leave or enter the gated parking garage under the apartment complex in the 100 block of North Park Road so he could get into the building, police said.

His mother, Andraya M. Howard, 25, would leave the apartment door unlocked and microwave dinners in the freezer for him, they said.

Police arrested Howard at the apartment Thursday night on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

A policeman found the boy alone in a disheveled apartment Dec. 16 about 2 a.m. after the boy called 9-1-1 and told dispatchers he was home alone.

He told Patrolman Kevin M. Quinter that he called his mother’s cell phone about 20 times to find out where she was. He last spoke to her when he called her after getting off the bus. She said she was at a tanning salon and would be home soon.

The apartment looked like it had been ransacked, with women’s undergarments scattered throughout the living room. A small dog was in a cage, and dog feces and dog urine were in several places in the apartment.

While Quinter talked to the boy, the youth got a TV dinner from the freezer, stood on the counter and put it into the microwave.

Police called the boy’s grandmother, who took him home.

She said she had been watching her grandson while Howard went to her job overnight in Philadelphia, but she had not been baby-sitting the boy for a few months.

Howard, who said she worked as a model, returned home about 8:45 a.m. and police told her that her son was in the care of the county Children and Youth Services while they investigated.

Police did not know the status of the child Friday.

They charged Howard on Dec. 30, but did not immediately arrest her because she agreed to surrender to sheriff’s deputies.

When she didn’t, police went to the apartment and arrested her. {Source}

This statement was released by the actual reporter, Steve Henshaw, confirming the details of the case:

The case has been closed. The entire story was written based on the affidavitt of probable cause that I found at the Berks County Courthouse during my routine rounds as a cop beat reporter The fact that no “report” or mug shot exists online is irrelevant. All of these skeptics are mistaken to think that everyone who is charged with a crime is dragged to the cellblock in handcuffs and photographed that very day. For a nonviolent crime police often charge a person by summons (to appear in court later).

She was sentenced to advanced rehabillation disposition (ARD), which will allow her to clear her record so long as she completes family counseling and community service. I no longer have the report but I wouldn’t put it online if I did. For one thing, the case is closed. Plus, the probable cause that I refer to contains some confidential information about the defendant and her son. Plus I’m not even sure I’m allowed to. Regardless, she was sentenced on the charge of child endangerment, so that means she went before a judge and did not deny leaving her child alone (and think about it, what motivation would this police officer have to make up such a story. He provided vivid details of this boy cooking his own microwave meals, waiting for someone to open the garage door so he could sneak into the building, etc.)

Please get your priorities straight!!! If you can tan, you can afford a baby-sitter.

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  1. What a shame…Sounds more like mommy’s “work” is trying to keep a certain look up so she can snag her a daddy with deep pockets. I’m glad the boy was smart enough to call the police.

  2. That’s so sad…sounds like the law intervened before too much damage was done.

  3. C’mon.. Really?!? Women / mothers like this disgust me! 1st off u aint nutn but a jumpoff using money u dnt have to try and look good to try and snag another dude wit money.. If u was women enough ur 1st priority would be ur son! Second take care of him.. If u were old enough to open ur legs and make him be woman enough to make money to take care of him!! Its sleezy how women especially young women wit children think its sexy to be sleepn wit a star wit money obviously he don’t care bout u if u still in the same position u were in before u met him.. Quit wasting your time and take care of your prioritites!!

    • AMEN!!!!


  4. Everyone at sometime in their life has made mistakes, no one’s perfect. Who are we to judge? Should she have used better judgement…absolutely but her past is her past…and that’s where everyone should leave it, in her past

    • @Tee,

      We Can and we Should (judge).
      There is absolutely No Room to be PC when a child’s life and welfare is involved. When there is a chance an Innocent may be hurt, you betcha bottom dollar you Better judge!

      • @Ummm,

        Say it!

      • @Ummm,You must be a lost soul to uh? probaly got picked on all your life that’s why you sound so bitter. Probably had one to many people judging you. Grow up you have no right to judge anyone that’s not your place.

    • @Tee, this happened less than a year ago, it’s not that deep in her past


    • Give me a break this woman is plain out and out trifling. I dont care how good someone looks, looks can be deceiving and if she is single then this article says why.
      I have dated hot looking woman as well as plain Janes and for my money and my experience I will take the plain Jane’s hands down, especially here in LA LA land where its 90% fake and 99% BS

  5. young women today worry about keeping themselves up and men with money other than keeping up with their own children. Poor kid had to come home with no one their to care for him and eat tv dinners. Cmon!The law needs to be more aware of whats happening with neglected children. And you Miss Draya Michele you need to get it together and take care your child and home and not your looks.

  6. shame on u draya, ur child should always come 1st. ur cute but also a nasty bitch, please take care of ur son.


  7. That is really sad but like the other girl said we all make mistakes weather or not we got caught but we have to learn from them and move past it and i think she has done that never the less live learn im happy her baby is safe now.

  8. I think this is just a rumor i just dont think shes that type of person…. This world is full of haters and when u get exposed to the media the tend to make up random things

  9. First off its so sad tht society judge ppl off of Wat the internet say just plan sad how true is this I’m not to sure maybe some but I truly doubt this all is true because if tht was the case they woulda keep her son and not gave it back

  10. *him back

  11. I think people should not speak on anything they don’t have concrete proof. Unless I see her in handcuffs or court TV I don’t believe this. I think there’s a lot of jealously and hating go on here.

  12. if it wasnt true this site n many others wldnt still be up n there would be lawsuites for slander. Of course she did it.. this is not only sick but hard to believe a mother could care less, but it does happen. she left him w food to take care of himself like a dog, her BLOOD, HER BABY. I dnt feel bad for her.

  13. I can’t believe people would say fucking shyt about draya like POEPLE HOP OFF HER PUSSY! She seem a lovely girl and a smart woman to do that to her son I have a 8 month year old son and trust me us mother wouldn’t do that especially our first baby we always love the most so shut the fuck up with that sucking rumors and leave her alone ya fuckinggg haterss ! All ya haters could suck a dick!! Let her do what she wants to do for herself is her business and draya is my favorite model I love her :)

  14. This is NOT a rumor. Read the police report, people. It does not lie. She is a poor excuse for a mother and should have her son taken away for good. Who the hell is the daddy? Does she even know. Someone’s husband is probably a safe bet. Skank n*g*ar.

  15. Can’t no one judge another…Only God can judge…not any of you human beings…Draya is not Jesus God made her human to make mistakes…the only thing that should matter is if she learned from it and Willing to make to make it right with God and with her son…not with any of you…Everyone always got something to say about

  16. Everyone whose trying to make it…Draya just out there as far as stripping and dancing goes to get hers…oh well…she models now…athletes just happen to like her oh the Eff well…she’s physically beautiful and she is young.. .let her move on with her life…how can she move on with being reminded of this incident because its constantly thrown in her face??? That’s like a convict…getting locked up,doing his/her time then getting released to try to move on…but they can’t because their constantly reminded that their a felon…can’t get no job,house or education…Damn…leave her alone…opinions are like assholes…everyone has one and ish comes out of em…be constipated sometimes and stop being so contemptuous…

  17. She admitted it happened guys. Maybe we shouldn’t judge, but it happened. whether she learns from it, we shall see. but you guys are getting upset over someone else’s issues….everyone has an opinion and we do have ‘f ree speech’ right? dayummmmmmmmmmmm

  18. One more thing…what does the fact that she’s beautiful have to do with her leaving her child unattended? So it’s ok for her to do it and not Grace Jones? WoW!

  19. I don’t believe it. I think its mostly a made up lie.

  20. So what we all make mistakes!!! Leave this young woman alone.

  21. I wish everyone would stop saying that there is a police report online or that they have the police report. What IS found when searching online is what is a court report that if you look at it looks very fake. Im not trying to take up for her b/c if she did it then she did it but there isn’t anything besides gossip and blog websites that say this happen. If it did happen people should be trying to help and support her and bring her up, downing somebody does not help them. We all have fallen short remember that!

    • @Datruth, I agree 100% with you

  22. I don’t think that you should judge people off what you see on the internet. The story is very weak and inconclusive. Sounds like someone wanted to make her look bad. If her mother took him home with her that morning how could he be in protective service that same morning. Cmon people she might be a jump off and dancer but that don’t mean she a dead beat mom.

  23. First off you people who find it entertaining to dig up people personal life are low life’s yourself. Fine she did what she did is it you? Didn’t don’t worry about it. You obviously have nothing better to do but find other people personal life entertaining at your expense smfh..Grow up no one is perfect yes what she did is wrong but it’s not up to you to judge her for that. So grow the fuck up and worry about yourself.

  24. I know her personally. worked with her at cheerleaders go go bar her name was Miami . Nice girl I doubt if it all true. She made her life n went for it..

  25. Like my boy from NYC says, these females out here, especially most of the black ones. He says they are all Surface and no Substance. That is about the most real comment I have heard since being out here. Time for me to head back east where the woman tend to be a whole more real and about something.

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