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Taraji P Henson Goes Nude Again, This Time For PETA

I Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur campaign by PETA, has managed to get some pretty high profile men and women out of their clothes for a good cause. Something not even Playboy has been able to do. Well, Taraji P Henson is the next spokes model for the campaign, and she takes it all off to fight againstĀ  the unethical use of fur. Once you see what they do to those animals to get the fur, it will change your mind. It’s cruel! Check out the video of Taraji P Henson explaining why she decided to sign on to the campaign, and check out her nude ad when you continue…

Taraji P Henson, how can you not love her? Here’s another reason why you should…

Taraji P Henson Nude For PETA Naked Taraji P Henson Goes Nude Again, This Time For PETA

You can always buy faux fur. It looks real and it keeps you warm, or HOT!

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  1. She is so dayum cool and down to earth….she looks good to be 40 years old, work it Taraji:)

    • @qc finest,

      I didn’t realize she was 40! Yes, you go girl!

  2. Wow! I never knew that Taraji had such a nice body. She is definately working it in that shot and for a good cause.


    • @anonymousnupe,

      SMH! Haven’t seen you in a minute, and your first comment of the New Year would be on Taraji P Henson nude pic. SMH!

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Um, Happy New Year?! (I told you for some reason your site no longer renders at work. I only get the wrapper, no main content area content.)

      • @anonymousnupe,

        That’s all I get, they told me, they were working on it, and it’s been almost a month. I would get upset, but they designed it for free, so I just have to be patient.

  4. You missed me! Yeah! (And it ain’t like I POSTED the nude Taraji!)

    • @anonymousnupe,

      Maybe a little.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, LOL! You warm the cockles of my heart.

  5. Ti

  6. Never tot of her age 2 be 40…she lukes 20s…wow i like her

  7. Taraji is living proof that women of ANY age can be strong, independent, and drop-dead sexy, nude oe not. But, she makes nude look beautiful. I was a fan before;I am awestruck now. Way to make it “do what it do”, Ms. Lady.

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