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Yes! Swizz Beatz Starts 2011 Off Right

After all the drama from 2010 with Swizz Beatz’ and his relationships, I am so glad the year is over. 2011 will be a new year with less drama, and to prove it, Swizz Beatz is seen here holding his daughter Nicole that he shares with UK producer Jahna Sebastian.  This picture almost brought a tear to my eye. I do believe people can change for the better, so let’s give Swizz Beatz a fair chance and see how it plays out. The only girl in the bunch, she surely will be spoiled…

Swizz Beatz Daughter Nicole With Jahna Sebastian Yes! Swizz Beatz Starts 2011 Off Right

Swizzy has some strong genes, because all his kids so far look just alike. Beautiful! Anyway check out the message he sent when he tweeted this photo…

Swizz Beatz Tweets Pic Daughter Nicole Yes! Swizz Beatz Starts 2011 Off Right

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  1. Still a low down dog!

  2. Ok, so this was one of the main problems I had with him!!! So I guess Im over it now that he has done right by this child, I dont know how a marriage can stand when there is so much baggage involved. But, good luck anyway!! Im soo happy for him, for being a great dad!

  3. I am glad that he physically sees her and doesn’t rely on just pics and such. Kids always need their fathers to be present as much as possible it really shapes their self esteem. He knows he made some mistakes and could have done things differently regardless of what problems were going on, so heres to change and maturing….gotta start somewhere.

  4. Didnt Swizz say f ck you all. So now why is he tryna redeem his image? O I know, bc he is associated w AK. AK knows her cd didnt sell well bc we all aint feeling her f cking and getting pregnant by a married man.

    Speechless is what Mashonda was when she found out YOU her friend was f cking her husband.

    Were you Speechless when you found out that Swizz was cheating on you with Jahna AK?

    • @lilkunta,really? Her cd did not sell well? Maybe you want to take a look at billboard and see how many albums wnt platinum in 2010.Might want to check your facts before you start posting and by the way leave the craziness and negativity in 2010, I am sure Alicia could give two pennys about your so called Judgement of her. Seems to me like you are a bit too personally invested in the personal lives of these folks.

      • kim: yes her cd didnt sell well. other cds dont matter bc we’re talking about cheater keys.

        @Kim, Why is it that bc I aint kissing AK’s ass it becomes ‘you are a bit too personally invested”. I call a spade a spade. I DONT CARE if it is cheater keys or fantasisa, Bill Cosby(who I LOVED), Tiger, Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Puffy, Biggie, RAPIST Kelly.

        Now to you billboard comment: ak’s cd wasnt #1. yes susan boyle was a factor. yes internet was a factor. but As I Am came out in 07 & did quite well, despite leaks. The best song on that cd (TLA) didnt even get top 10, but still the cd sold 3mill.

        The difference this time is AK’s fans are not condoning her behaviour. Her fans teenage fans 10yrs ago are now 25-35 women who dont want to be cheated on! Her AfrAm women fans too look down on her actions. 2007′s AIA sold 3mil in the US, EO has sold 1mill 40o thou : that is a big drop. J records pushes & promotes the hell outta AK
        (they need to stop & give some promo to UBER TALENTED JAZMIE SULLIVAN)
        On the charts, her singles didnt do well:
        DMA #14
        TSWABrokenHeart #2
        NY part 2 #76
        Im Ready #1 <-This song only got #1 bc hipHop stations playes the remix which features hot of the momemnt rapper Drake.

        You really dont think it is bc we her fanbase dont like her actions?
        What about her concert? She didnt sell out like she did before for AIA & previous cds. Yes I know the recession is a factor. But the recession was going on in 08 when she toured and she did sell out then.

        So in short, I do think her dating & f cking a married man & becoming pregnant by him while still married has effected her sales and our perception of her.

    • @lilkunta, oh and by the way stop making. Stuff up to suit your needs. Mashonder and Alicia were never friends.

      • @Kim, What did I makeup? Either in Vibe or S2S interview she said AK threw her the babyshower for KJ. That isnt friends? Or were they just associates?

      • @lilkunta, ok I am going to try this one more time since based on your response to mrsgrapevine you are determined to make up your own story on this issue, anyone that follows swizz on twitter knows that he has been tweeting pics of his daughter for sometime now. The mom has confirmed on at least two occassions that he is active in nicole’s life since he found out about her because she did not tell him at first, both him and Alicia are in her life(from the mouth of the mother on tape) as far as AK’s sales the response that I made was in reference to the industry as a whole last year sales were down but she still sold 417K her first week, name another R&B star that did this last year, not a crossover maybe two or three. #.7 mil worldwise (triple platinum. Album remained in the top 10 then 20 for almost 40 wks, and this one was her 1st #1 in the uk(good cross over cred) 12 wks at #1 on the +&/ charts (unthinkable) # top 10′s honey if this is not well go tell that to the +&/ stars who struggled to sell 100,000 this year, this is not about you not kissing her butt, this is about you spewing false information, you don’t have to like these folks, but you also don’t have to try to discredith what they have done that puts you in hater zone, not liking them is fine but making stuff up makes you a hater. And once again AK andMashonda were not friends and AK did not throw her a shower or attend her shower, that was a made up internet story. Now I’m pissed I just wasted my precious 7 min having to layout facts for someone who willfully chose to ignore them and actually put a great deal of time and effort posting inaccuracies. Its 2011 people let’s do better we know not the time or hour that we will find ourselves standing in front of the true judge and all of these little things that we think will not count will. Now there is a thought.

      • @kim, you need to read. Im not spreading mis information. I read vibe & S2s mags. M said something about her baby shower. I will go back & check if it was that AK threw the shower for her or not.

        #2: now it seems you are lying. if swizz was tweeting pics of Nicole for a while the blogs woulda picked it up since swizz is persona non grata.

        3: post a link to Jahna saying swizz & ak are active in Nicole’s life. Yes Jahna didnt tell Swizz about Nicole for either 1 or 2 yrs. It wasnt that she didnt try either. She was in jail for false immigration charges and wrote to swizz, he ignored her.

        I will respong to your other points later.

      • @lilkunta, honey you can do your own research, you are clearly one of those that have your mind set and will try to make it work for you whether it is true or not. Everything that I stated is fact. I don’t have to go back and try to figure out if I read it somewhere. I have absolutely no reason to lie. The interview with Jahna was done by mstrendy, its an easy find on the net and. You can simply go to swizz’s twitter page and see his past post, plus pics of him and his daughter have been on the net as well as videos, so go find it for yourself . I have a feeling you will try to explain that away also. Don’t even bother responding to me about anything else. I don’t have time to deal with other peoples issues. I have a life and I rather not spend precious minutes responding to people who just feel the need to make stuff up about others. Good luck with that.

      • @kim, Please do not call me honey.

        You are clearly an AK stan.
        Dont talk about it, be about it. If you cant or wont or arent willing to post support for your statements, STFU. We are supposed to beleive your post is fact bc you are who ?

        Im not making anything up.
        DId you READ the title of this post. If Swizz has been tweeting pics of Nic for a long time, why would ms grapevine title this post entry as she did ?

        The pics that are on the net are Jahna & Nicole not Swizz and Nicole.

    • @lilkunta,

      Here is a pic of Swizzy with daughter a year ago: http://mrsgrapevine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Swizz-and-Daughter-Nicole-By-Jahna.jpg

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, How do you know this pic is from 1 year ago(which would be jan 2010)? Is there a date stamp?

        Was Swizz in London this month last year?

  5. He still a hoe..I’m just saying

    • @Ms.Observant,

      Just saying, most men don’t feel like they need to change there hoeish mentality either.

    • @Ms.Observant, Ok you know me n you been on this for quit some time, all I want to know is where all the die hard AK fans at now, have they taken a slap n da face, all of them was on here claiming we are judging we didnt know what we was talking about, I guess we have proof now, n they are sooo quiet!!!

      • @Cole, they have lives.

      • @Kim, No they are disappointed!!!!! On To Da Next One (Marsha Ambrosius) The hottest chick out right now!!!

      • @ Cole, So true. I wasnt feeling “cheat on you” but I do like “far away”. Great vid.

        marsha has lost weight tooo!

      • @Cole, Yep. So true cole LOL!

      • @Cole, You got me Cole haha. U understand


    • @qc finest,

      I agree why listen to lies when you know that they are lies. Why take the time to absorb a message that is not genuine or true I know we can have the ability to all get involved in unpleasant situations but I have never considered Ak to be a ignorant type of woman so she was well aware of the scenario when it started.

      • @resurrected, Well said! Swizz was married and AK knew that.

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