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SNL Black Comedy Back Thanks To Nicki *DEAD*

It’s been a long time, since SNL made my side hurt, and last night’s Bride of Blackenstein skit with Nicki Minaj had me in tears. It almost took me back to In Living Color days from laughing so hard. I know some of you will says it’s pure bafoonery, and to that I say…Exactly! That’s what makes it so funny.

Nicki Minaj Bride Of Blackenstein SNL Black Comedy Back Thanks To Nicki  *DEAD*

The jive talking was on point, check out the SNL skit when you continue…

[Video Credit: Rap Dose]

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  1. nicki has such an entertaining personality, she needs to bring that to her performances cause they suck. Its like her charisma disappear when she performs.

    s/n she did a good good in her sketches.

    • @tutu,

      I could not agree with your more. I do think however her SNL was her best performance to date, but it was outdone by this skit.

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