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Rihanna is the victim of leaked pics, again. There seems to be a pattern, break-up with boyfriend, leaked nude or sexy pics hit the internet. However, I’m not so sure the exes are the ones leaking the pics. Anyway, Rihanna appears semi-nude in a pic, but it’s not any different from what’s coming up in her S&M video, so I am not sure what all the buzz is about.

When asked about the leaked photos on twitter, Rihanna seem proud. Check out her response along with the new leaked photo when you continue…

PinaRihanna: @rihanna Heeey boo! what is thiss ? http://twitpic.com/3u8po7
rihanna: @PinaRihanna that would be… ME when I was skinny!

This scandal gets a “suspect” stamp of approval from me.

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