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Jay-Z is Opening the 40/40 Club in 5 New Cities

jay z 420 420x0 Jay Z is Opening the 40/40 Club in 5 New Cities

Hip-Hop Mogul, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, is continuing to branch out in to new business ventures.   His newest project will be bringing his famous 40/40 Club to five new cities worldwide.

Jay-Z will tentatively open new locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Tokyo, Macau at some point this year.  Many of you may remember Las Vegas’ 40/40 Club closed down sometime in 1998.  I’m thinking that the Atlanta and Tokyo locations will be a very good look for the club chain.

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  1. I certainly hope the drinks are far less expensive than NYC’s 40/40 $15 for a margarita is insane I don’t care who he is…

  2. I really hope he opens one in dallas in the next 3 years, before NCAA championships come

  3. His club sucks, the music and the DJ sucks, and the drinks are way too high and small. It you are going to make me pay 15.00 for a drink at least let it be full size. The DJ both is in the VIP section and they only way to get to go in there is you are willing to pay 300.00 for a bottle. They never play a complete song to save there life and all kinds of people come into the club to me it is not a good fit.

  4. Bring the 40/40 club to Tampa Fl, Jay.

  5. I really don’t know how many people will care. Ever since Jay’s marriage to Beyonce, he has become less interesting. Just boring.

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