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What’s Wrong With Disney Girls? Miley Cyrus Following Lady GaGa Footsteps…

If you worked for Disney, and your name rhymes with Lindsay, Brittney, Demi, or Miley, you are more likely to end up on drugs, release nude photos, and become more infamous than you are famous. Speaking of, Miley Cyrus has new racy photos out that reminds me of Lady GaGa, this just shortly after getting caught smoking “legal” substances in a bong, or so she said. I don’t know what it is about Disney and their girls, but they will do anything to shed their squeaky clean image. Too bad most of them don’t turn out like Raven-Symone.

What’s wrong with being a good girl?

Miley Cyrus Racy Pics Whats Wrong With Disney Girls? Miley Cyrus Following Lady GaGa Footsteps...

Miley Cyrus Racy Pics 2 Whats Wrong With Disney Girls? Miley Cyrus Following Lady GaGa Footsteps...

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  1. Because she is white and she can get away with it. Let Raven Samone do anything remotely close as those white Teen Disney stars and she would never book another job with them. But with Miley she will continue to get roles and big Disney money. Sad because she really is a bad role model. They need to let her GO!

    • @Ella Bee, you people just want to critisized Miley, i am 60 yrs old and known lots of teens (not famous did so much worse) but they’re not famous no one cares… but of course media make a buck out of everything, anything about Miley pays them @ least 50k so why not? she’s not that bad and you’re just jealous, don’t hate people because of some mistakes, let see what she’ll do in a couple of years.. go easy on them as far as Lindsay she’s a different story!!!!

      • @lola,

        There are people who care about at risk teen girls, myself being on of them. That’s why I volunteer tocounsel and provide a positive example for girls who don’t necessarily have that at home or may have low self-esteem etc.

        I work with a Disney actor and I understand how strict Disney can be with their talent.

        You say let’s see what she will do in a couple of years…shall we note the progression of what a disaster Lindsay has become throughout the years?

        Miley deserves privacy as she figures our her life, but for Disney to continue to act like she is a good role model and allow her to be the face of their company through music, movies and TV shows is a shame. Why not allow for more positive entertainers. Like MrsGrapevine said, what’s wrong with being a good girl?

      • @lola,

        No one just wants to criticize Miley for the sake of critique, and there are also many teens who do better and conduct themselves better. She chose to be in the spotlight, and with that comes certain responsibilities, and it’s in the contract. As a Disney representative you suppose to present the company in the best light at all times.

        Because she’s making Disney a lot of money, they turn a blind eye. It’s not just Miley, it’s so many of their top stars. Again, what’s wrong with being a good girl.

    • @Ella Bee,

      Or KeKe Palmer

  2. HO IN TRAINING! I don’t know why this stupid @ss little girl keeping trying to slutten up her image.

    • @STEFANY,

      What’s wrong with being good?

  3. She is growing up in the public eye, and obviously has NO ONE directing her down the right path. I can only imagine what I would have been acting like without my parents around, and enough money to last me a lifetime! Although, I still think I would’ve been smart enough to not take a picture hitting a bong, though.

    • @Kimora Cochran,

      But she has parents yet NO ONE is helping her, SAD!

  4. Miley has been making millions before she was a teenager. Her parents have been letting her date 20 something year old guys when she was 15 and 16 years old. She bought her own multi million dollar home when she was 17. She has no limits she can do what she wants and has no one to answer to. She basically has a bunch of yes men and hanger ons who just want to be around her for her fame. Unfortunately it’s not too much her parents can do now since she is 18 and on her own. You see it took Britany to go off the deep end before the courts stepped in….hell it’s been two years and she still doesn’t have control of her life! Lindsey outcome is still up in the air. Disney is about money they use these kids up until they can’t anymore and then move on to the next one. Raven survived because she had a strong foundation around her that didn’t let her get out of control from the beginning so she knew how to handle herself and stay grounded.

    • @LaTanya,

      Raven has also made so much money outside of the entertainment field where she did not have to hoe herself out like the others. Raven have has 400 million children clothing business she really does not have to be in the spot light if she does not want too. These young children think that celebritism is everything and it is not the lack of money that makes them fall apart but the lack of attention when no one cares anymore.

      • @resurrected,

        Exactly!!! I couldn’t agree more. It’s the rock star mentality, but we all know how that story ends.

    • @LaTanya

      Preach lol! This is my point. So many times the parents could have stepped in. I do admire mothers like those of KeKe Palmer, Brandy, Raven-Symone, and even Hillary Duff, who made sure they remained parents and not roadies.

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