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Singer Legend Teena Marie Dead At Age 54; Daughter Alia Rose Finds ‘Ivory Queen Of Soul’

The Ivory Queen of Soul, Teena Marie passed away Sunday from what seems to be of natural causes. The R&B singer was discovered in her California home by her daughter, Alia Rose. Teena Marie suffered a major seizure last month, and perhaps complications from the seizure lead to her death, but right now the details are unknown. The day before her death, Teena Marie was actually on twitter wishing her daughter Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas.

19 yrs ago today, I was in labor! My heavenly father gave me the most glorious gift I could ever receive. A Baby girl on Christmas!

The news of Lady T’s death obviously came as surprise to many. Her manager, Mike Gardner, was the first to report it to the public with very little details. My heart and prayers goes out to Alia Rose, also known as singer Rose Le Beau, to lose her mother at such a young age, and for the death to fall around both her birthday and Christmas.

If many of you frequent this blog, you will know I am an old soul, and grew up to music made by Teena Marie and many other soul artist. She has one the most unique voices of our time. It’s hard to believe that such a strong soulful voice, would come out of  such a small person, who just so happened to be white. I can’t remember a card party growing up without some Teena Marie. So in honor of her legacy, here is a clip of my favorite song…

[If I Were A Bell by Teena Marie]

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