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Question: Is It Really Derwin’s Baby – The Game Season Premiere On BET

The Game is back for season 4 on BET, which will premiere January 11, 2011 (1-11-11). One of the hottest threads on my site right now is an old post from April discussing the return of The Game on BET. Many people are asking if  the baby is really Derwin’s. If the baby is not Derwin’s then Melanie and Derwin can have a happy future? But, if the baby is Derwin’s, get ready for some baby mama drama. So what do you think, is Derwin the father???

To get us ready for Season 4, here is a clip from the finale of Season 3…I’m so ready!

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  1. No! Wasn’t she dealing with Derwin and another dude! (the one that came into the store where she worked? I guess we will find out soon enough!

    • @Nicole from Philly,

      Wasn’t it Hill Harper?

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Yes! Derwin went to see him cause he was jeolous but there was another one he was a football that came into the store where she worked at the time. It’s been a long time..I hope you get to post episodes here

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, what about the dude from Miami that she cheated on Derwin with.

    • @Nicole from Philly,

    • @Nicole from Philly, I agree Derwins baby only a 33 or 50% chance.

  2. Now I really liked the Game and glad that they fought for there show because so many good shows go to the grave why bad shows end up having many seasons. It like the entertainment field no longer cares what the people want to see anymore. I am looking forward to seeing this show when will the 4 season start? I don’t watch TV at home but will find a way to watch this.

    • @resurrected,

      It’s start on January 11th, just remember 1-1-11

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        Thanks, Man I was so feeling Melanie’s pain on this show.

      • @resurrected, I feel her like it was real life.

  3. Tear I cry everytime I see this one I hope it’s not.

    • @sweet2,

      Me too. I just want Melanie and Derwin to be together, but I know it can’t be that simple.

  4. Ugh, I’ve been saying for the longest, the show will not make much sense if Melanie and Derwin are rekindling their relationship and the baby is his. I think it isn’t, but hey, maybe they are trying to do an updated version of All of Us.

  5. Kelly played herself. To bad it took for her to loose him to realize that she loved him.

    • @Nicole from Philly, she did but all the while still loves Jason & he acts like he’s totally over her tho.

  6. I wonder what will Tasha’s role be this season, she is the show. I hope Melanie won’t be that winning person, and Kelly will be strong and fierce.

  7. i hope that its not derwin baby remba when she went out of town and left him with his broken leg huh and they always use protection ???????

  8. Idk I wish we could see clips of next Tues. premiere.

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