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PICS: 3-D Nails From Sarah Vivan Mother Of Lil Wayne’s Oldest Son

Necole Bitchie just featured a story about the 3D nail trend hitting Hollywood. While looking at twitpics of Dwayne Carter III, Lil Wayne’s son, I noticed, mother Sarah Vivan nail game was on point. You don’t see or hear a lot from Sarah Vivian, except on twitter, but I just though I would share a few pics of her nail artwork.

Sarah Vivian Lil Wayne 3D Nail Artwork 4 PICS: 3 D Nails From Sarah Vivan Mother Of Lil Waynes Oldest Son

Sarah Vivian Lil Wayne 3D Nail Artwork PICS: 3 D Nails From Sarah Vivan Mother Of Lil Waynes Oldest Son

This just the beginning, it gets insane. I think I may try it on a nail or two, but I certainly don’t think I can work with my all my nails did…

Sarah Vivian Lil Wayne 3D Nail Artwork 3 PICS: 3 D Nails From Sarah Vivan Mother Of Lil Waynes Oldest Son

Sarah Vivian Lil Wayne 3D Nail Artwork 2 PICS: 3 D Nails From Sarah Vivan Mother Of Lil Waynes Oldest Son

For more celebrity pics of 3D Nails visit Necole Bitchie

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  1. I don’t like it. It’s a bit much for me, but perhaps that’s just my professionalism creeping out.

    • @LolaAM,

      I think it’s for people who can change their nails everyday.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, which is who? people with no time on their hands or the unemployed.

      • @sheena,


  2. Amen to Lola’s comment !

  3. Tacky & not classy.

    • @Susan,

      I think they’re alright, not my style, but I’m a simple girl.

  4. Those long claws look horrible and scary. For Halloween maybe..

    • @Melanie,

      So no one is feeling the 3D nails.

  5. This is for the women contracted with other peoples bank accounts. A horrible waste of money because yes–u do have to change ur nails frequently.and 2 no professional money making(non celeb)woman is doing this to her hands. This looks as tacky as the late 80s early 90s style of long curling red nails…ew. And is it even sanitary??

    • @Pretty b,

      I remember those things (the curly nails). I hope that trend doesn’t come back at all.

  6. I like them but i’d only do it for special occasions

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    • @TRACIE TRUTH, Thank you! well put if you a grown woman get ya grown woman on dont be walking around looking like you let ya kid do arts and crafts on ya hands. too GHETTO

      • @sheena,

        I remember diamonds back in the day and gold initials. I don’t like anything on my nails, so I’m not the one. But, out of all the 3D nails I’ve seen, Sarah’s are not so bad. I actually like the 2nd pic.


      I remember those days, you had your initials didn’t you?

  8. I dont like them, they look to gaudy and I hate those nails that look like cat woman’s nails. What are they trying to do scratch someones eyes out. Rihanna also does that pointy nail look. Its just not for me i like old school square french tip nails

    • @sheena,

      Rihanna loves the pointy nails. It looks good on Rihanna, but I wouldn’t dare try. As clumsy as I am, I might lose an eye.

  9. the only decent nails are the 1st picture, the others are just tacky, ugh

  10. uhh aint nobody lookin at that girlz nailz thats fa lazi bitches you cant cook n clean fa yo man wit all dat but that lil boy is da bomb babi young money fa eva neva too many lil mr carters :)

  11. REALLY Toya!! whatz gona b different? If you couldnt hold down ya 1st rapper what makes you think you can handle anotha?! That Memphitz boy is fine az wine n when “if” he blow up you will not be able to handle it. I bet you already jealous of any female lookin his direction! I give you props on getn yo family straight. Keepn yo husband straight will be a whole nutha story honey well reality show! I wish Wayne would come out wit a show bout him n his kids togetha witout all da gold diggin ho baby mamas you was n still should be waynes wifey yal go way back n u shoulda hung n der n had his sons instead you let him go b trifflin but hey id love him broke cuz he a real dude a real mufkn smart genious type dude he cant b controlled cuz he in control da most sucessful ass boy in da world im sorry beautiful but you fuked up hey reginae is a cutie pie keep her safe she lookin too grown fa her age ya cant get innocents back she a daddys girl yal fkd up her world big fan tho you a real woman tho i learn from you jus wish yal the best peace out OBAMA for 2012 young $ 4 eva fk tiny lil ass get nae on da young money videos rappn wit lil twist or su um shit…….

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