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Mary J Blige Says, “She Looked Like An Ugly Animal”; Admits To Self Hatred

I love Mary J Blige to pieces, mostly because she’s so honest about her struggles, so that others won’t make the same mistakes. In a recent interview in Australia, Mary J Blige admits that she used drugs to cope with her insecurities of feeling ugly and looking like animals. She compares her face to that of a camel, a squirrel, and a bird. She talks about how those insecurities lead her to a physically abusive relationship with singer K-Ci of Jodeci, and she also sympathizes with Rihanna and Chris Brown. Last but not least she talks about self-hatred and learning to love yourself.

Mary J Blige Melodies by MJB Sunglasses Nordstroms Chicago 2 Mary J Blige Says, She Looked Like An Ugly Animal; Admits To Self Hatred

“I used to think I was ugly,” she said. “I thought I looked like a camel. A person who doesn’t love themselves, they will see anything that pops up on their face. I’ve seen squirrels, I’ve seen a bird, I’ve seen all kinds of animals on my face. But that is the result of self-hate. I’ve learned to say: ‘You know what? I am a beautiful black woman’.

“I beat alcohol dependence and drug addiction. A lot happened to me during my childhood. As I got older, these things resurfaced. In order to deal with it and in order to cope without it hurting so bad, I drowned it in alcohol and drugs. It lessened the pain for that moment. I started at 16 years old. By the time I got into the music business, it was bigger than me.

“I overcame an abusive relationship by learning to love myself.

“When you realize people are going to treat you the way you treat yourself, you begin to treat yourself better.

“I understood what Rihanna went through with Chris Brown. I don’t want to comment on it. But I know exactly what they were both going through.” {source}

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  1. Oh Marry, I think your very pretty.

  2. Mary you are absolutely beautiful!!! She’s right, if you don’t love yourself then nobody will do that for you. I love Mary!

  3. I can agree with Mary on so many levels. It takes a strong woman to go on after all she has endured (drugs, abuse). I think she is a beautiful person and her struggles have really uplifted females and made us see that we can overcome any adversity as long as we believe in ourselves. Thank you Mary and Mrs Grapevine for publishing this story. Much love!!

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