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Fantasia’s Attempt To Keep Media Out Courtroom Failed; Plus Still Creeping With Antwun

Fantasia’s attempt to keep the court records sealed during her alienation of affection lawsuit from Paula Cook was denied by the judge. Last time Fantasia was on the stand, her testimony was leaked to the media. We all learned that Fantasia was pregnant by Antwun Cook this past summer, and had an abortion around the time of her suicide attempt. So in order to prevent the media from printing such private information again, Fantasia’s lawyer requested a sealed courtroom, but #failed.

Antwun Cook will be taking the stand on Tuesday and I’m sure more information will be leaked to the public.

Rumors are circulating that the two are still together despite all the drama. Details when you continue…

According to Radar Online:

Antwun will be testifying on Tuesday and he’s been ordered to bring his laptop in to retrieve information. The court is doing everything they can to get the truth out of everyone. Despite the havoc surrounding Fantasia and Antwaun’s relationship, the two are still going strong and closer than ever. Fantasia has even been spending time with Antwaun’s kids,” the source said.

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