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If I Was Cassie, I Would Be Jealous…

I understand Diddy is single, and single men can run their affairs however they so choose, but if I were Cassie, I would be just a little jealous of Diddy spending quality time not with his kids, but with his ex, Kim Porter in St. Barts. I know not everyone could handle the lifestyle, but at least he’s not married, nor is he pretending to be ready for marriage. So the good thing about Diddy, you know what you’re getting into, I can honestly appreciate that. But, I would still be just a little jealous…

Diddy Kim Porter St Barts If I Was Cassie, I Would Be Jealous...

Diddy Kim Porter St Barts 3 If I Was Cassie, I Would Be Jealous...

Diddy Kim Porter St Barts 2 If I Was Cassie, I Would Be Jealous...

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  1. Both of these ho’s are stupid, they both know about each other and continue to keep slutting themselves out for Diddy. When Kim found about Diddy’s jumpoff in Atlanta she hurried up and got pregnant with those twins. Kim isn’t going anywhere she’s making point. Cassie is simply dumb and talentless, she’s just riding the gravy train as far as it will take her, without Diddy she’s just another pretty face. It angered me that a no talent groupie like Cassie could get 2 record deals because she’s light skinned, long hair and blowing Diddy while Jennifer Hudson had to win an Oscar just to get noticed.

    • @STEFANY,

      In Cassie’s defense she was a My Space star…right?!? LOL

      I will never forget that BET performance…SMH!

  2. Well Cassie is the one stepping into an already faulty relationship. Plus Kim, Sarah and Cassie all accept this situation for what it is and are all his girlfriend in his eyes. What is fked up is that she was left to spend Xmas alone while still being able to see pictures of her so called man having fun with another women. From what I see Kim is the chick between all three that has the most pull over Diddy.

    • @resurrected,

      Kim also has three of his kids…

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        Yeah and Chance is never on the menu when it comes to Diddy spending time with his children but that is the mother issues. I know if i had a man who keep having children by other woman I as Diddy have I would not be the connector that is Diddy’s job. On the other hand all children should be loved and treated as so but that is also Diddy job to provide and we all know that Chance can run across these pictures just as easy as Cassie did.

      • @resurrected,

        Chance is not in the picture because of Kim, she made it clear that her kids would not be aroud Chance, she’s pissed becuase of Sarah’s affair with Diddy and Sarah knew Kim and Diddy were supposedly together.

      • @resurrected,

        I’ve seen him with Chance a few times, it’s just usually low key. He’s tweeted pics of Chance, saying she’s beautiful like mother like child.

  3. I’ve lost count, is it 6 kids by 3 women?? I guess Cassie has her youth on her side, she can rebound easier, just don’t get pregnant. Come to think of it,Cassie could be using Diddy like he is using her so she may not be jealous at all unless she messed up and fell in love with the fool. The older women are probably the jealous ones because they know a young chick will always be waiting for their chance.

    • @koko,

      Kim Porter technically has 4, but the first child is by Al B Sure, but he was raised by Diddy. So Diddy has 5

  4. Diddy is looking old, its really starting to show. Any women that gets with Diddy clearly does not want to settle and is settling for the moment, because he is not going to settle down with no woman. And he has expressed that he has is not ready for settling down right now. No woman can get with him and say that they did not know. So many females are just so money hungry that they overlook that quality of a true relationship

  5. I really don’t get Diddy, Puffy, he is not attractive to me at all! ewwwww!!!! It has to be the money. Kim porter has a child by Al B., he is fine and had money. Diddy is just money. Not cute at all!

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