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Oh! Now The Paparazzi Likes Raz B

Posted by on Dec 31, 2010 in Celebrity Events, Celebrity Sightings | 4 comments

I’ve been way to vocal about how the mainstream media treats Chris Brown, compared to other celebrities guilty of similar crimes, or worst. Brown’s recent twitter beef with Raz B proves my point, which really wasn’t that serious until TMZ decided to spin it as a homophobic rant against a helpless molestation victim. TMZ chose to ignore how the feud started in the first place, and they also chose to ignore how the “molestation victim” was constantly stalking and sending Rihanna very inappropriate tweets. I guess the hatred toward Chris Brown is personal, that many see it their personal responsibility to destroy his career. The beef was not really that serious, Chris Brown was not even angry, he was shooting the dozens, and that Peter Pan picture is simply funny! Oh well, I guess it’s a lesson learned. Shuck and jive for mainstream media or lose your career.

And, now look, Lil Fizz Raz B is being followed by the paparazzi as if he’s someone relevant. I guarantee they couldn’t name the one song he had as a solo artist. I’m actually upset Chris Brown apologized to TMZ. Raz B is a grown man, and not a woman, well that might be debatable…

Raz B Million Milkshakes 3 Oh! Now The Paparazzi Likes Raz B

More pics of Raz B and his chest hairs at Millions of Milkshakes when you continue reading…

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