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Photos: Soul Train Music Awards 2010; Faith Evans, El Debarge, Free, Chili, Taraji P Henson

The Soul Train Music Awards will air Sunday, November 28th, but in case you want a sneak peek, here are some pictures from the awards show that took place last night in Atlanta.

Soul Train Music Awards Chili White Man Photos: Soul Train Music Awards 2010; Faith Evans, El Debarge, Free, Chili, Taraji P Henson

[Chili arrives with her white man... *snaps* Usher what?]

Soul Train Music Awards Free Photos: Soul Train Music Awards 2010; Faith Evans, El Debarge, Free, Chili, Taraji P Henson

[Free looks cute and stylish]

Soul Train Music Awards El Debarge Taraji Terrence Howard Faith Photos: Soul Train Music Awards 2010; Faith Evans, El Debarge, Free, Chili, Taraji P Henson

[Hosts Terrence Howard & Taraji P Henson with Faith Evans & El Debarge]

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  1. Is he the guy from chilli show? He is cute! she looks good!

    El Debarge put on weight looks good

    I didn’t like Keisha dress,but I loved Raven simone her dress and shoes are hot!

    • @nicolefromphilly,

      I thought Keisha was hot. I didn’t like Raven’s dress as much, but she still rocked it well.

      El Debarge finally sober…

  2. I am all for Chilli and her new guy! I mean if you have to get over someone like Usher….might as well make it a Good Look and go out with a bang! I feel like most sistas would rather be with brothas, however, if you are being treated well does it really matter the color/race it comes in?

    • @taylor, No! It does not

      • @NicolefromPhilly,

        I’m partial to the brothas, but whatever floats your boat works for me.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Just say you would date white men.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        I would not date outside my race.

    • @taylor, But see that’s the problem I have with it. You ALL say it doesnt matter what color they are. Which REALLY means go and get a white boy. Just say THAT instead of the term it doesnt matter what color they are. And why do ALL of you sista’s feel the white boy is God’s gift to black women? He is NOT the answer. Truth be told he’s worse than ANY brotha!

      • @, Color does not make a man!! They r all children of God! You see women, I don’t get offended when I see a black man with a white or mexican woman. Reason is, what God has for me will be for me. No one can have what is set in His plan. NOBODY can steal our black men or vise versa. What is destined will be. So quit getting your panties in a bunch and stop worrying about what the next person has, and focus on what God has set for you. And if you have a beautiful black man, be happy and hush. If He sends a strong, loving spirit filled white man, accept him & be happy. Having a wall up is probably why you’ve missed so many blessings in life. Now take care of yourself

  3. I just love Taraji!! She is just real and has fun. I hope she gets her Oscar one day she continues to get better.

  4. I am so happy to see that sisters are dating outside of their race. Chili, that cool glass of water you walked off of your reality show with, was very pleasing to the eyes.
    But your date to the Soul Train Music Awards, is quite pleasing to look at as well.

    • @Miss RHW, You are another one that feels like the white boy is God’s gift to black women. It’s not called dating outside your race, it’s called dating white boys.

  5. I’m so sick and tired of my sista’s and brotha’s running to the white man and woman as the answer to our prayers and then flaunting them like you just won a phucking Emmy or something. I see those same white guys shooting our youth and men and killing them and getting away with it. I see those same white women blaming a black man for something he didnt do. It just kills me to here that Bull that there are no good brotha’s left! What does that mean?!! That we ran out?! That the production of black men has run out?! White society is really trying to make OUR OWN believe WE are an endangered species! The Black Family! There are PLENTY of us out here and the Black Family is alive and kicking!! So stop using those same played out excuses for running up to the white man as the answer to all of your prayers!

    • @,

      You post anonymous and I don’t know why. I’m happily married to a man of color, and I have no plans to marry outside of my race.

      I can’t speak for the sister who does, but perhaps it works with a white man because it just does. I honestly think dogs come in all races, just look at Bret Farve.

      I do believe if every black woman dates a white man then we won’t have black babies or a black race. I understand your point, I just think whoever people fall in love with it’s their choice be it race or sex.

    • @, oh please spare me! If you r a true child of God, color would not matter. We as black people faught for equality, to be treated the same, to vote, shop and ride with the whites. But in the midst of this, did we not expect that our paths would not cross & we couldnt love them equally. So people love who you want to love. As long as yall are equally yoked. God bless ALL people!!!

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