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Matt Kemp Forgets The Cameras Are Watching…Caught Cheating?

Matt Kemp confirms his relationship with Rihanna to paparazzi right outside MyStudio in Hollywood. That was suppose to be the news, however on closer inspection of the video obtained by Hollywood TV,  it looks as though something else may have been happening. Miss Jia noticed a woman approaching Matt Kemp in a very familiar manner, and when they both caught wind of the camera, Matt and the young lady each went their separate ways. Then watch as Matt’s homeboy in the red leather jacket takes one for the team, and entertains the lady in the background. Interesting…

This may very well be an innocent moment, and she could have just been a fan or a groupie, but Matt Kemp really needs to be careful because the paparazzi is slick, and they are everywhere. Just ask Reggie Bush

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  1. Ha!!!! that is too funny, girlfriend had her hands out like she was about to touch him. The way they seperated so fast is what looks suspect she should have played it off and shook his hand or something. I hope its innocent for Rhianna’s sake.

  2. I died laughing at him watching this video,and his friend were of no assistance other than getting that number for him to call the chic later.

    Matt! If this happens to you again. This is what you do: Instead of nearly ole girl down and whispering (there is a camera “get away from me”) tell them to have pen and paper to pretend that she is a fan.

    Tell your “friends” to be cool and not look guilty (you too!) it will give you away every time.

  3. After reviewing the tape again….
    There are only two ways Matt could have avoided this situation.
    1) Hire a bodyguard..so you dont have random girls just running up to you at 3am in the morning
    2)Stay your ass at home and out of the clubs.
    At 26 yrs old…Highly unlikely for a guy his age to stay out of the clubs. Secondly, he is a regular guy, so he does not see a need for bodyguards.
    If Matt had spoke to the girl….The news would have said Matt was seen talking/picking/hooking up with a girl outside the club at 3am. If he avoided her, which he did…The news is he was trying to hide something….No matter what he did, he could not win.
    Clearly his friend was interested in the other girl. The other younglady, took it up on herself to have a talk with Matt. As you notice, Matt was already in the road looking for his vehicle when chic approached him. Reply
    0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago 0 Vote up Vote down neddir · 3 minutes ago
    Nervous and not wanting to be photographed much less video taped with a younglady (other than his g/f Rihanna) at 3am outside of a club he made a bee line away from her…I dont blame him.
    Also, one of the guy with Matt in the vid that night, is Rihanna’s longtime friend ..The guy travels with her and her team all over the world. Vegas, Barbados, Mexico, Hawaii etc to name a few…

  4. lol, he looks guilty as hell in the video. but it could be innocent…rihanna could be the jealous type who dont like Matt to be around any females, so maybe he moved away so fast to avoid trouble. who knows nowaday, especially when it seems like almost all celeb dudes are cheating, i.e. Tiger, Tony Parker…

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