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Matt Kemp Forgets The Cameras Are Watching…Caught Cheating?

Matt Kemp confirms his relationship with Rihanna to paparazzi right outside MyStudio in Hollywood. That was suppose to be the news, however on closer inspection of the video obtained by Hollywood TV,  it looks as though something else may have been happening. Miss Jia noticed a woman approaching Matt Kemp in a very familiar manner, and when they both caught wind of the camera, Matt and the young lady each went their separate ways. Then watch as Matt’s homeboy in the red leather jacket takes one for the team, and entertains the lady in the background. Interesting…

This may very well be an innocent moment, and she could have just been a fan or a groupie, but Matt Kemp really needs to be careful because the paparazzi is slick, and they are everywhere. Just ask Reggie Bush

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