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I Ain’t Gone Lie…I Love Nicki Minaj…MTV Doc My Time Now

I love Nicki Minaj and not because she’s about to make history with her album sales, but because of the MTV Documentary My Time Now. When you get a chance to look beyond the wigs and the funny voices, you get a beautiful young woman who is dedicated to her work, but more importantly a young woman who puts her family on her back. I need a connection to an artist or there music and if I can’t find it in the music, I find it in other places, and this documentary does a great job of humanizing Nicki Minaj.

I know some of you are going to call me out (hypocrite), but I can’t help myself. Watch Nicki Minaj interacting with her family, and shopping for them; they see her as a celebrity and she just wants to be herself with her family. It almost brought a tear to my eye, after that she had me. I still don’t get all the gimmicks and tricks when I know she’s so talented lyrically, but who cares she’s human, and she’s cute. I know some of it is melodramatic but I like the real side of people and here is the real side of Nicki Minaj in part 2 of My Time Now.

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  1. It is part of image,and it is what sales (crossover appeal). Nikki has a good marketing team behind her, and it is up to her to market her brand (To get her name out there). “Keep her hustle going”

    Kim: I seen her boob picture on another site,(shaking my head), and this why she will not get that cross over appeal money,because of behavior like that.

    I do not like neither one of them but I do see Nikki vision even with her gimmicks and I’m sure when she gets where she wants you will see Nikki ( the business woman) (Like Jay z he started off as a rapper and now he has built an empire) she right you do not see any female rap moguls at all.

    I saw the picture of Kim on another site with it all hanging out.

    • @Nicole from Philly,

      I posted that picture, it was disappointing.

      I do see Nicki’s business side, I just wanted her music to match, but I am sure her sophomore album will do just that.

  2. Nicki is simply beautiful.She loves her family/has a vision for herself.She wants more for herself/her family,not sitting in one lane talking the same stuff.At some point in your life you have to do something different.Not that same old sucking/sexing/pink pussy SB.Bow down there’s a new Queen in town,more fit to own it.Not the one who crowned herself.I showed her a little respect/did’nt mention her name,because frankly she’s just not worth it. Popping her beast out to stay current in the media,when that wack mess she put out this weekend did’t work. She goes back to all she knows. What a shame,she has no class.

    • @Delorean,

      SMH at Lil Kim. I guess old habits die hard.


    Do you know what Niki’s album sales are at the moment?

    • @STEFANY,

      This the only place where you can track sales early, but we won’t know officially until Wednesday.


      she has 117 K with only 36% reporting…Keep checking it hourly or so for updates…

  4. I really don’t like this chick. Can somebody with talent put out a song that makes us forget about her?

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