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Call it a Comeback? Lil Kim Fires Off on Black Friday

Can you call it a comeback? Yesterday, Lil Kim fired back on wax at Nicki Minaj on her latest diss track, “Black Friday”. It seems like she woke up hip-hop heads as everyone was talking-NOT about Pink Friday- but Lil Kim going in on just about everyone from Diddy, Minaj, Drake and the rest of the Young Money crew. Is the Queen Bee back?

There were just so many punchlines, I don’t know where to start.

I’m the Blueprint you aint nothing brand new, check ya posters and videos, you’ll always be number 2. I seen ‘em come, I seen go, still I remain. Sweety, you going on your 14th minute of fame. I’m over 10 years strong still running the game. Cut the comparisons, I’m in the legendary lane. Fighting for ya spot, y’all please, I’m solidified. With my hands tied, you couldn’t beat me if you bitches tried. Either you high, or sipping that sh-t Wayne on, I get top dollar for whatever my name on. Go stick your head in a tornado, BRAINSTORM! I drop bombs, FLex, Napalm. Black and yellow, will pull up in your ghetto. Giuseppe’s when I step out, posted up in stilettos. P-ssy so pink like my kitty saying hello if I whistle, they’ll pistol whip you in all five borough’s. I’m in Brooklyn, I’ll be everywhere comfortably who pumped you and told you to come rump with me. You the type to run your mouth and then run from me, I’m poppin’ off in your hood with no company. Come on, Queens aint showing you no love, I was there the other night poppin’ bottles with the thugs.

Take a listen for yourself. Here is the full version of Lil Kim’s Black Friday (DIRTY)

What do you think? Did Lil Kim hold her own against Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge”?

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