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Breaking News: Nicki Minaj Wears A New Wig Color

Soon we will know if Nicki Minaj is truly the new Queen of Hip Hop, but until then here are some pictures of Nicki Minaj at Jimmy Kimmel Live sporting a new wig. Now I know this is not news, or breaking news, but it’s definitely entertaining. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I like Nicki Minaj in the pink wig best. What wig color do you think looks best on her?

Nicki Minaj Black Wig Signs Autographs Jimmy Kimmel 3 Breaking News: Nicki Minaj Wears A New Wig Color

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  1. hey girl dis is april nd i wanted to let yhu kno dat i luv yhu sooooo much….u are my biggest fann nd i love yhu so uch………………….i love all of your songz they are so great nd i cnt belieave how different yhu look without your weav nd make up….like dnt ever let me c u like dat anymore okay cuz that waz so ugly thnx boo nd remember i love yhu honeyyyy

    • girl hop off forreal

  2. hey angel girl i love yhu too

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