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Beyonce Wants to Create Her Own Genre of Music

International superstar, Beyonce, is heading back into the studio to work on her fourth solo album. She may have appeared to been on hiatus but the pop diva has plenty of projects leading up to her new music to keep fans happy in the meantime.

Beyonce Heat Beyonce Wants to Create Her Own Genre of Music
Recently, BeyoncĂ© talked about her upcoming album to “Entertainment Tonight.”

“I love to dance, I love to sing, and I’m actually in the studio now writing songs and producing. I have a lot of live instruments that I’m putting into the tracks to try to change the sound and make my own genre of music.”

Recently, she finished filming a commercial for Vizio televisions (which will air next Thursday night, November 25, during the airing of her Thanksgiving concert special “I Am … World Tour”). At the same time, the commercial for her new fragrance, Heat, has been causing quite the controversy. The 1-minute ad was banned from daytime TV in the U.K.

What do you think about the commercial for Beyonce’s first fragrance, Heat? Is it too hot for TV?

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One Comment

  1. Okayyyy..we all know you like to SING and dance Beyonce…lolo..anywhoo the commercial aint as bad as those Victoria Secrets commercials so whats the big deal?

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