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Behind the Scenes with Keri Hilson on Her New Album

Pretty girl, Miss Keri Baby, takes you behind-the-scenes of her latest photo shoot to discuss her new album, “No Boys Allowed,” which hits stores December 21st.

Keri Hilson on the concept of her new album:

Well, I knew I wanted my new album title to represent women and most of my songs are really about how hard it is to weave through the boys and find a man. So, no boys allowed, MEN ONLY.

For this album, you can’t help but to notice her new look. Keri on her new artwork and style direction:

The inspiration for my look is just very Keri. I love mixing masculine with feminine. I love military jackets, I love anything with epaulettes, I love gaudy jewelry and boots. Gomillion and Leupold really captured the essence of my vision. It takes real talent to be able to visually articulate something that’s just been a vision in my head. We’re not done yet, but so far I’m already happy.

Keri has also been receiving a lot of flack for her song, “Pretty Girl Rock” which some have criticized for being too cocky:

‘Pretty Girls’ is just every girl’s anthem. The message is just really to love yourself, love yourself-unapologetically. Love yourself.”

What do you think so far about about Keri’s new look and “Pretty Girl Rock.”

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