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Alicia Keys Like You’ve Never Ever Seen Her Before

Alicia Keys changes things up for Vogue Italia in a new fashion spread that has the pop diva looking not so boring. In these hot and edgy shots, you get to see the bad girl come out as Alicia Keys transform into Femme Fatale. I actually like these pictures a lot more than the ones we usually get of her at the piano with hair is blowing in the faux wind. You can also check out more pics at Alicia Keys Daily.

Alicia Keys Vogue Italia Italy 2 Alicia Keys Like Youve Never Ever Seen Her Before

More of Alicia Keys stunning transformation. You know you like it, I think it  suits her character well…

Alicia Keys Vogue Italia Italy Alicia Keys Like Youve Never Ever Seen Her Before

Alicia Keys Vogue Italia Italy 4 Alicia Keys Like Youve Never Ever Seen Her Before

Alicia Keys Vogue Italia Italy 3 Alicia Keys Like Youve Never Ever Seen Her Before

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  1. These pictiures are fabulous. I love Alicia she has truly come into her own. – had an opportunity to read the article that goes with the shoot and it is very telling. I lov ie she is so real.

    • @Shana, how do you see the complete interview?? I didn’t see it..

  2. Oops I meant I love her, she is so real.

  3. So I guess the nun shots weren’t worth posting. :-| SMH

    • @Harper,

      You said it not me… :)

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, nah…I thought the nun shots were beautiful too. She’s definitely still have that good side. She’s just all around gorgeous.

    • @Harper,

      I wonder if with the “nun” and bold “sexy” contrast was she trying to convey a message?

  4. SMDH at you Mrsgrapevine, throwing shade at Alicia once again.oh and the little charecter statement was not missed!! But hey to each his own she will continue to rise despite her haters!!!

    • @keri,

      4 compliments and you harp on the negative. Wow!

      I can’t please everyone…

  5. Love these pics!! They really did her justice, sometimes these high profile mags make the sistas look crazy with bad hair and makeup but these are gorgeous.

    • @koko, I think this is the best I’ve seen Alicia and the sexiest. She was like Kanye of women for me, but now I see she’s got it.

  6. I’m mad at the Kanye of women statement! LOL!
    But the pics are beautiful but I think the best is the 3rd down from top. It has a simple but chic elegance. Very Beautiful pic!

  7. Why did she choose to do this after the baby? I think Halle Berry did the same thing.

    I’m not hating but..whump

  8. @msobservant, this photo shoot was done while she was 4 months pregnant it is clearly stated in the article that came with the photos, and when you have to state that you are not hating, that is always suspect.

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