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Kanye West No Longer Likes Mainstream Media; Acting Like The Victim Again

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Interviews, MGV TV, TV Shows, Videos | 13 comments

Kanye West is mad at the Today Show for there theatrics, but I am mad at Kanye West for his. First of all George Bush is using Kanye West as an escape goat. I can name several other low points of his administration other than the comments from a rapper on a telethon. Secondly, Kanye West didn’t call him a racist, he said, “Gorge Bush didn’t care about black people.” We all felt the same at the time.

Now on to Kanye West, there is a gap between the way he views his actions and the way his actions come across. He is constantly explaining himself to the media, but he’s constantly being misrepresented, or so he says. Kanye West is upset with Matt Lauer and the Today Show because when they asked him about Taylor Swift and George Bush, they played a clip of the incident while he was giving his explanation. A clip so that the audience, as well as Kanye West can see what he’s responding, too. Well this annoyed Kanye West so much that he had to say something about it, while telling the camera crew to be quiet so he can talk.

There are people that are always victims, and Kanye West is always a victim.

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So Fantasia Won’t Admit She Knew Antwun Cook Was Married

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News | 24 comments

Paula Cook and Fantasia Barrino were in arbitration to settle the alienation of love lawsuit Paula Cook filed against Fantasia. Unfortunately for Fantasia, the $100,000 settlement fell through because Fantasia refused to admit that she knew Antwun Cook was married.

The only problem is that we all know Fantasia knew this man was married. Just because Fantasia chose to ignore the facts to believe Antwun’s lies does not exempt her from knowledge. Several media outlets, blogs, and family members brought it to her attention, and instead of investigating the claims, she chose to follow her heart. The fact that Fantasia had his named tattooed on her shoulder, and then covered it up after news broke that he was married, then lied about the tattoo’s existence to the media just doesn’t help her case.

Do you think wives should be able to sue for alienation of affection? Do you think Fantasia should have to pay Paula Cook millions?

Fantasia Cook Tattoo So Fantasia Wont Admit She Knew Antwun Cook Was Married

More details on the 12 hour mediation between Fantasia and Paula Cook from Radar Online when you continue reading

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Devonte Swing Of Jodeci Arrested For Being Drunk

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sightings, Embarassing Moments | 1 comment

Why didn’t K-Ci and Jo Jo invite Devonte to get sober? According to TMZ, Donald yes Donald Degrate, Jr. was arrested in Burbank, CA after acting a fool at Subway. Reports say the ex-member of Jodeci was so drunk that he couldn’t even walk right. The sad thing is all of it was caught on tape. That’s some serious “alcohol”…

That is just sad! JoJo and K-Ci need to invite Devonte to get sober, too. Then we can have a true Jodeci reunion, we all know Mr. Dalvin was just eye candy, and “De” in Jodeci only stands for Devonte. Lastly, I’m mad at all those women who named their children Devonte, just to find out Devonte’s real name is Donald.

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