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Monica Quits Twitter!

There are only a handful of women in this industry that I have nothing but love for and that’s Monica, Mary J Blige, and Jill Scott. Not only are they extremely talented, but they are so open and honest about their lives, both the good and the bad. Imagine my surprise today, when I saw a tweet from Necole Bitchie that says, “Monica Says Goodbye To Twitter.” What? icon sad Monica Quits Twitter!

In her own words: (hint: read from bottom to top, and not top to bottom)

Monica Quits Twitter Monica Quits Twitter!

There is no need to try and stop her, it sounds like she has her mind made up. I’m just wondering who made her so upset???

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  1. haters

  2. Charles Hater <<—the reason she quit.


  3. I have such a sad face right now!
    Oh Monica, don’t let them break you!

  4. I dont think they broke Monica or her spirits: rather she made a motherly choice to stay out of the mess on twitter! Much luv Monica and I can respect your decision…

  5. Why do celebrities expect so much from everyday people we are more then the word fans. I think that Monica is a cool person but you brought yourself to an outlet that has more than one side and more then just your side. People can not just be put into a box we do not all act the same or want the same things, nor do we all have the same habits and attitudes.

    • @resurrected,

      I guess she realized that, and perhaps that’s the reason why she has had enough. There are negative people in all our lives, and we can choose how to deal with them, or just ignore them.

      I agree people shouldn’t expect everyone to have your perception or agree with all of your actions.

      BUT, Monica is fairly open and accepting, and she should expect to some extent to get that back in return.

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