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If Charlie Sheen Looked Like Chris Brown Or Tiger Woods Would He Keep Getting Second Chances?

Charlie Sheen Crazy If Charlie Sheen Looked Like Chris Brown Or Tiger Woods Would He Keep Getting Second Chances?What does it take to get this man fired from his job? Let’s see beating and threatening his wife with a knife last Christmas didn’t work. So perhaps throwing hotel furniture around while drunk, high, and naked with a prostitute (as your ex-wife and daughters sleep in the hotel suite next door), will finally get him fired.

Charlie Sheen has a rap sheet the size of Texas, and yet he has a successful prime time show called Two and a Half Men. Not only has he not been fired from his job, but his contract was renewed, and not only was it renewed, but he’s one of the highest paid actors on television. In case you can’t see how unfair the mainstream media is, let’s just take a look at his rap sheet:

1990: Sheen accidentally shoots then-fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm. As flesh wounds have a funny way of killing the mood, the engagement is called off shortly thereafter.

1995: Two words: Heidi Fleiss. Sheen admits to being a client of the so-called Hollywood Madam, copping to having spent $50,000 for the, um, services of her call girls.

1995: Two months after marrying model Donna Peele, Sheen was sued by a UCLA student who claimed he struck her in the head back in 1994 after she refused him sex. The case was settled out of court.

1997: Sheen pleads no contest to battery charges brought by former girlfriend, model-actress Brittany Ashland, who claims Sheen threw her onto his kitchen floor and split her lip. He earned a year’s suspended sentence, two years’ probation and a $2,800 fine.

1998: Sheen enters lockdown rehab after being hospitalized for a drug overdose. The get-clean action was necessary after his father, Martin Sheen, turned him in for violating his parole.

2005: Denise Richards files for divorce while pregnant, publicly accusing Sheen of “inappropriate behavior,” including dalliances with prostitutes, gambling problems and drug and alcohol problems, that could negatively impact his daughters’ upbringing. Sheen denies everything, calling the claims “laughable and inane.”

2009: Sheen is arrested on felony menacing charges and spends Christmas in a Colorado jail after wife Brooke Mueller tells cops the actor threatened her with a knife. {Source}

This man, Charlie Sheen, has pretty much physically assaulted every woman he’s dated, with the exception of Denise Richards. He’s cheated on everyone of them with prostitutes. As we speak, he has just cheated on his current wife, while becoming violent with yet another prostitute while his daughters are just feet away. Not to mention he takes his prostitute to meets his ex-wife, Denise Richards, at dinner, and then leaves to go party on a coke binge. Instead of going straight to jail, the police take him to hospital. Now you tell me mainstream media is not biased? (I mean don’t they have Law & Order SVU episodes about men like Charlie)…

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  1. He disgusts me. I refuse to watch his show. He needs to serve real time. He is abusive and on a very destructive path.

  2. There is an OBVIOUS difference in the system of how they treat people. The argument used to be about race, then it turned to class. Once black people started becoming wealthy too, it has returned back to a race discrimination. Apparently that’s just the way the ball bounces here in the great’ol justice system on America. -_- Before I get too pissed, I’m going to log off!

    • @Kimora Cochran, i feel you im already pissed. Lindsey Hohan is a perfect example when is she going to do some real jail time. smdh

  3. I totally agree…also, why isn’t Brett Favre not getting the same media attention as Tiger Woods…just a thought

    • exactly tiger’s name was dragged through the mud while this guy gets brought up like one time on the news. Anyone who says this has nothing to do with race is an idiot because its as clear as day.

  4. yeah when is he going to get fired this crap is just not fair, sheen gets away with any and everything while people like wayne ti chris and tiger get into trouble. Lets not forget lindsey lohan how many times is this chick gonna go to court and not do any jail time?

  5. Of course Charlie wouldn’t still be getting second chances if he were or looked like a brotha, it’s all about race, what if any of our brown sista’s were running aournd Hollywood getting busted with cocain, druk driving, violating court orders like Lindsey or Paris, they’d throw the book at us.

  6. This ni66a crazy

  7. He couldn’t control himself during this last incident–his rep says it was an allergic reaction to prescription drugs. SMDH. Makes me sick.

  8. fire him for what? it’s not like he’s a teacher or in office. i love his show

  9. That is so nasty, why and how can he pay for sex, especially from a prostitute. So nasty and embarrassing. And, what a waste of money, that could have helped a single mother or someone who has just lost their job in this downward enconomy

  10. Not to excuse Charlie in any way but another factor in his favor is that he’s Hollywood Royalty. Both his dad and brother have had hit shows and movies. I think for the public race is a factor in them finding it easier to forgive him. For the industry I think his family ties help him continue to get work.

  11. What’s really dumb is people focusing on protecting an abusive Black male than protecting battered females,to defend some point of racism. It’s a great way to say “Shut up,Black bitches” everytime someone mentions the CB incident-to mention Charlie Sheen as if criticism towards CB means that you are racist. The boy (CB) got a slap on the fucking wrist compared to what the average Black man would get. He got a White folk sentence and you people are mad because he wasn’t bashed as badly? Your priorities are all messed up.

    • @Kae,

      1) Chris Brown did not get a slap on the wrist. Most offenders do not get jail time for first time cases involving assault or domestic abuse. Check your facts.

      2) Charlie Sheen is a serial abuser who keeps getting second chances. He’s shot one of his women.

      3) Your priorities are messed up, if you want to keep punishing someone (who was a teen) for a crime they committed nearly two years ago.

  12. Yeah,”First Time”,meaning “unreported”,and that shouldn’t even fucking happen. And a slap on the wrist, is community service. They gave him something a fucking 13yr old would get. I like the excuse “he was a teen”, you forget to mention that he was a legal adult in the eyes of the law. Everytime a Black male celeb male does something wrong, BET groupies come running to their defense. If he has changed then he has changed, but that’s not my point. The point is Black men are barely criticized in real life and in hollywood for what they do by BLACK people (women) without a bunch of pacificsts making excuses,being shocked and outraged that someone critiqued the actions of the beloved Black male. They are under too much protection by the Black community even when they are guilty as sin ,and often the Black bitches who dare ask or question, are labeled as Uncle Toms,Racists, and so on.

    The point is I don’t care about pointing out the obvious-It’s the outward sexism of this whole thing,that’s been as you said ,for TWO years (nice to mention,btw,since you’re acting as though *I’m* the one having trouble with letting this situation go. 2011 here we come!!) and people are defending the MEN and not the WOMEN. The abusers are being put in the spotlight and not the victims. So yeah, protect the Blacks,the default Black voice: The Black Male,even when he is wrong as sin,is retarded. That’s all I’m saying.

    • @Kae,

      1) First time as admitted by Rihanna, who also admitted she too has been violent with Chris. We just ignore that fact because only women can be victims!

      This is not a cookie cutter case, it’s a case of two people in a bad cycle not knowing how to deal with their emotions because they were both victims of abuse growing up.

      2)”Every time a Black male celeb male does something wrong, BET groupies come running to their defense”, that is just a pure hyperbolic answer designed to stir an emotional reaction. NEXT!

      3)Black men are not under too much protection. Often times the media and the law are accused of black male bashing. Often times their punishment for the same crimes are far heavier than those of whites. People with money get better defense than people without, but when broken down by race black men receive more media scrutiny than whites, and they serve more time, especially when it comes to drugs and rehab.

      4)No one has labeled anyone an Uncle Tom or a racist. Not sure where that is coming from. Maybe another conversation.

      5)”People are defending the men and not the women.” I believe Rihanna has been in the spotlight, and has gained a loyal following. She is on award shows, she has more endorsements, increased air play, plus countless magazine covers. Rihanna has the spotlight and has had it since.

      6)All I’m saying is that Chris Brown has been punished, continues to be punished, and I wish serial abuser like Charlie Sheen would get punished to.

      7)Since you care about victims rights, here’s a worthy cause to support: http://mrsgrapevine.com/2010/12/muslim-sudanese-woman-flogged-weaing-pants-public/

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